aldi cheese advent calendar 2019

Aldi Cheese Advent Calendar Review 2019

aldi cheese advent calendar 2019

Aldi released it’s 2019 Advent calendars today! Now, I live in Pennsylvania and we have some backward liquor laws here so stores (for the most part) can’t carry alcohol. But I was lucky enough to snag one of their cheese advent calendars. This little guy is to be paired with their wine advent calendar and contains 24 mini cheese that are imported. I’ve never been able to get one before so when I saw they had them in stock I knew I had to scoop it up. These are $14.99 and contains 16.9 ounces of cheese. NAT paid for this advent calendar. These can currently only be purchased in store while supplies last (that is typically not very long).

Advent Calendar Review

So, it folds out which I think is pretty cute and the design is really pretty and they have scattered the days over both sides, making it a little more difficult to find them. Overall this calendar is beautifully put together. I couldn’t wait to open these up. Now, let me preface this review and say that I haven’t eaten a single one of these cheeses. I pushed them closed once I opened them and will enjoy them the way you would traditionally enjoy an advent (one cheese a day)! I did however, want to share what I got with you guys!

On the first day of Christmas…

The first cheese is Red Leicester Cheese. This is an English cheese similar to cheddar and is usually aged anywhere from 6-12 months.


Next up — I mean on the SECOND day of Christmas our lover (Aldi) gave us Gouda Cheese.

Each cheese is labeled and I like how they are sliced in different shapes so that they fit into the calendar differently.


Next is Aged Cheddar. This is one that we’re all pretty familiar with.


This is where I started to arch my eyebrow. Again with the Aged Cheddar. So far that is three kinds of cheeses over four days. But okay, Aldi I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here.


Um, Gouda again.. I hope this cheese is good-a!


Okay something different. This looks like it says Bed Gouda but I looked that up to no avail and so I’ll guess it’s Herbed Gouda.


And another different cheese this is Hot and Spicy which sounds pretty darn delicious if you ask me!


Next up we have Tomato and Olive cheese which ALSO sounds like a delight!


And here we are with some more Red Leicester.


Then we have some more Hot and Spicy Cheese.


And some more Gouda.


Okay, here’s some Edam cheese which hasn’t been featured yet. If you aren’t familiar with Edam, its a semi hard cheese that keeps for a very long time. It originated in the Netherlands.


Okay more Aged Cheddar.


Then there’s White Cheddar and even though this is different… I just kind of wanted more variety? Does that make sense?


More Edam. And guys if you were hoping there’d be some grand finale.. don’t hold your breath.


Another slice of Tomato and Olive Cheese.


Another piece of “Bed” Gouda. I find it funny that they both rubbed off the same, or it was misprinted or I’m misinterpreting it. Either way… odd!


More White Cheddar Cheese


More “Bed” Gouda


More Red Leicester


More Edam


And the grand finale folks… White Cheddar.


So in summary:

Presentation: This was well packaged and very fun to open so on that front this was great

Quality: For the price you get a LOT of cheese and while I haven’t tried it yet… cheese is all good … so I’m sure it will be exactly what I want!

Curation: My only problem with this advent calendar is the variety. I get it though, it’s inexpensive and is meant to be paired with the wines but I would have loved to see some of the nicer cheeses that I’ve seen Aldi carry in here as well… oh well… maybe next year!





Aldi Cheese Advent Calendar 2019 $14.99


Beautiful calendar to pair with the 2019 wine calendar but I have to say I would have loved to see a bit more variety!

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