curology review

Curology Skincare Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + FREE TRIAL | November 2019

curology review

Curology is a personalized bi-monthly skincare subscription box. Upon subscribing you’ll send Curology a picture of your skin and tell them your concerns and problems that you are having and one of their professionals will “prescribe” you a skincare routine. You’ll pay $39.95 bi-monthly for this subscription but will receive a bottle each month. Additionally, you’ll have the option to add on the Curology cleanser and the moisturizer at an additional cost. NAT pays for this subscription but Curology sent both the moisturizers and the cleanser my way for free. Sign up now to get your first bottle free (just pay shipping).

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Everything I’m reviewing from Curology today. I did receive an influencer package with some fun other items but those will not be available to subscribers in their own packages. I did pay for my bottle of cream though.


About that cream

curology skincare review rosacea

So this bottle has 24 mL of cream which is roughly about 0.81 ounces of product. This is my third bottle however this is a new formulation for me because I wanted a second consultation. I felt like I saw some results with my first bottle but kind of wanted to tweak my script.

So in this bottle I have Azelaic Acid 5% which is one of those ingredients that do everything. Typically you see it in quantities of 10% or more but that may be too harsh for my rosacea prone skin. Second in this bottle is Metronidazole 1% which is also known as Metrogel and is probably one of the best known medications used to treat rosacea. It works by decreasing swelling and is usually found in quantities of 0.75% so I’m glad to have the 1%. Finally, there’s Zinc Pyrithione 0.25% and is used to treat red, flaky and itchy skin.


All in all I’m happy with this and I can’t wait to test it out over the next few weeks. I’ve noticed that working out is what really triggers my rosacea flares and I’m hoping that the impending winter won’t couple with that and make it much worse.

The Curology Cleanser is an optional add on in your Curology subscription . This cleanser is used both morning and night and is gentle enough for all skin types. You’ll use this as a first step (before your Curology cream) in your skincare routine. It has absolutely no fragrance to speak of and is a great basic cleanser

The ingredients on this are pretty simple and straightforward as well.

The moisturizers is quite beautifully formulated as well. A little goes a long way and like the cleanser there is no fragrance whatsoever. This will be your final step and will be applied after your Curology cream.

This has a lot of nourishing ingredients like Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Shea Butter and it also included Dimethicone which is going to give you a blurring effect.


So in summary

Presentation: I love the minimalist packaging and everything arrived to me perfectly in my package from Curology.

Quality: I love that they include all these great ingredients and the professionals at Curology are really knowledgable and helpful as well.

Curation: Well, I mean… there isn’t a whole lot to say because you know what you are getting when you sign up but I really like Curology!


Subscribe to Curology

Curology $39.95


Curology is a personalized skincare subscription box. This is my second consultation and first time trying the cleanser and the moisturizer.

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