american farmer box review

American Farmer CSA Subscription Box Review + Unboxing

american farmer box review

American Farmer is a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly assortment of American grown fruits and vegetables hand selected by American Farmer’s head farmer each week. Weekly boxes are $35, bi-weekly boxes are $37.50 and monthly boxes are $40. Shipping and taxes are calculated at checkout. Each purchase from American Farmer supports small American owned farms. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

The first glimpse inside our box from American Farmer. This is all recyclable material.

fruit and vegetable subscription box

Everything that came in my box from American Farmer. I love how each of the items is packaged separately and everything looks so fresh and delicious. I read on their website that boxes are supposed to be 18 pounds but there is no way this box was less than thirty (how do I know you ask? I carried it)!


So what is all this stuff?

American Farmer does not include a box insert but you can go onto their site and find out what’s in that week’s box.


The first item in my box are these five sweet potatoes. These are not only seasonal but a great alternative to traditional potatoes. I do like that there is enough included for my whole family as well.


In my box there were also two onions. There was a yellow as well as a Vidalia onion. I will most likely be using these to cook with as it brings out their inherent sweetness.


I love that I also received three avocados. Typically we’d use these on taco Tuesday for some guacamole but they were ripe so I used them this morning to make some avocado toast for breakfast!


Something I really like about this box is the amount of fruits / vegetables. My kids love fruit so the more that’s included the better! The first of the fruits in this box is one lemon. We’ve already used most of this to dress a salad – it was delicious!


There was also one large English Cucumber included in my America Farmer Box. These are great for snacks or salads or anything. I usually eat them for lunch with a bit of garlic, sumac and white wine vinegar… it’s super delicious!


Next up are these three beefsteak tomatoes. These are bright and ripe and will be great on burgers, sandwiches or of course in our weekly serving of pico on… you guessed it… Taco Tuesday! We try to always have these types of tomatoes on hand so having more is awesome!


Then there’s a BAG of grape tomatoes. These are beloved by my entire family. In fact these are a staple in my kid’s lunches so I am really happy that these were included in this box!


Then there is this COMICALLY large head of cauliflower. This was like at LEAST ten pounds. We are going to bake this (which will be incredibly delicious) but I just couldn’t get over how big it was… I really had to make room for this in the refrigerator. Cauliflower is one of those vegetables that is making a comeback because of it’s applications in ketogenic and low carb diets so it’s cool that they’ve incorporated it into this box.


Next up in our box is a bag of Cremini Mushrooms. I love mushrooms and we decided to use these in a red wine, mushroom reduction sauce….

And as you can imagine it was absolutely delicious. I will be dreaming about these steaks forever!


Next up in our box is another item from the fruit category. This bag is full of pretty purple grapes. Another great lunchbox item for the kids!


Broccoli is one of those vegetables that we are lucky enough that entire family loves. This crown of broccoli went fast around here! Our standard way of making broccoli is sauteing it in a pan with just a bit of oil, garlic, salt and pepper and it is always sooo good!


This next bag in our box had four different colored bell peppers. There was an orange (my personal favorite), a yellow, a red and a green. We use these all in pretty much the same ways – either in omelets, salads or in sauces (or also admittedly as snacks)! Also included in this bag is a giant bulb of garlic. We use garlic like there’s no tomorrow so this will definitely also get good use!


And in our final bag that was in this box we have three different items. First are three green apples. These are gone… seriously the kids take fruit and it’s just gone in a jiffy! Then there are also three pears. My husband loves pears so I try to have them around all the time for him to snack on. And finally there’s a small head of purple cabbage which I will be using in my lunch today (I love cabbage salad, it’s so simple and delicious). So I was definitely happy to see all of these items included in my box from American Farmer!


The final item in my box is this head of lettuce greens. I love that it was packaged so it wouldn’t get smushed too. This did include the root which I thought was pretty cool as well. We have already used this in the same salad that we dressed with the lemon above (and we used a couple of those cherry tomatoes and some of the white onion)!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to me in perfect condition and was packaged excellently in this subscription box. I do love that their packaging is recyclable as well.

Quality: We know where all of our fruits and vegetables in this box comes from which is great and after looking at everything and eating a good deal of it already as well I can tell you this stuff really is high quality!

Curation: I love the mix that I received in this subscription box. I felt like the amount of both vegetables and fruits was well rounded and there were lots of tasty seasonal vegetables to boot!


Subscribe to American Farmer Box

American Farmer $35+


American Farmer is fruit and vegetable subscription box. This week I received a beautiful assortment of seasonal fruits and vegetables grown here in the US.

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