gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box Subscription Box Review + Unboxing +Black Friday Sale | November 2019

gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription box for children. Each package includes everything you need to create 15-20 themed candy and cookie creations. This subscription was created by a long distance grandmother who wanted to connect with her grandchildren – she created these fun boxes as a way to spend “time”. This is great for parents, grandparents and even aunts and uncles to gift to the children in their lives. Subscriptions are $20 and your first box in a subscription is just $10. From 11.28-11.30 you’ll save $50 on an annual subscription using code BLACKFRIDAY. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the Gramma in a Box for November.

children's subscription box

Everything that came in our November Thanksgiving themed box from Gramma in a Box. I always think the themes and crafts are so much fun!


So what is all this stuff? 

Our box insert, this tells us about this month’s theme as lists each of the items that was included in the box.

We also receive an instruction card for each of the projects that is included in the box for the month. Another thing that Gramma in a Box always includes are two pieces of wax paper to put your crafts on – this makes cleanup super simple!


Every box from Gramma in Box comes with melting chocolate. This month we received a standard chocolate color. This will be used in our Turkey Buddies craft as well as our Harvest Bark project


In this little container we have some little eyes and pepitas. These will be used in our Turkey Buddies Project.


There was also two packages of candy corn included as well. This will be used in our Turkey Buddy project and you’ll have plenty left over to also use in your cookie decorating project.


Every package from Gramma in a Box comes with eight cookies. This package includes two pumpkin cookies and two turkey cookies.

Typically the cookies in Gramma in a Box are sugar cookies.


We also receive two acorn cookies for our cookie decorating project

as well as two leaves.


Each box from Gramma in a Box also includes three colored tubes of frosting. This month we received yellow, orange and brown – perfect for Thanksgiving. These are great because all we need to do to decorate our cookies is knead the bags and cut the tip and we are ready to go!


This container contains peanuts that we will be using in our Harvest Bark project.


This container has Cinnamon Toast Crunch inside and will also be used in our Harvest Bark project.


We also received a package of Ritz crackers to use in our Turkey Buddies project.


These multicolored sprinkles will be used in our cookie decorating project. One of the things that I love about this subscription is all the different colored sprinkles that we receive.


We also received these fall shaped sprinkles. These will be used in our Harvest Bark project!


There were some orange sugar sprinkles that will be used in our cookie decorating project.


Finally, there was also a container of yellow sugar crystals included as well that we’ll use to decorate our cookies.


Okay so now what? 

Now we get to crafting our creations!

First we gather everything we need for our Turkey Buddies project. The crackers, chocolate, candy corn as well as the eyes and pepitas.

Then we heat up our melting chocolate so it melts.

Then we add a dollop of chocolate to each of the crackers.

Then we add the three candy corns for the turkey feathers as well as the eyes and pepitas for the beak. Here are our completed turkeys!


Then we gather together everything we need for our bark – the remaining melting chocolate, the sprinkles, the peanuts and the cereal.

Then we add the cereal to the chocolate and mix it around.

Then we’ll dump out our chocolate mixture and form it into a rectangle… look I did my best.

Then you’ll top it with the sprinkles, remaining cereal and the peanuts.

Here’s what our Harvest Bark looks like!


Our final project is cookie decorating. I gathered together the frosting, cookies, remaining candy corn, sugar crystals as well as our multi colored sprinkles. This is a project that I don’t like to interfere with… I just kind of let them take the lead and use their imagination.

Because I have many different age groups I typically end up with a variety of styles of decorated cookies. My older girls are much more precise while my younger kiddos are much more about the pizzazz of sprinkles and frosting.


We’ve got some good leaf detail!

My ten year old wanted to try to use a toothpick to make some fun designs on her turkey cookie.

My youngest surprised me the most with how precise she decorated her pumpkin cookie. For a four year old it was extremely neat!

Here is the continuation of my ten year old’s turkey cookie. I thought this turned our really cool (but obviously has tons of icing).

And my twelve year olds finished leaf and pumpkin cookies. To be honest I think she rushed through them so she could eat them.

And here are our completed candies and cookies for November! This was lots of fun and everything came out really cute!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was labeled and arrived to me perfectly in this month’s Gramma in a Box

Quality: I love the variety of different sprinkles that are always included in this package. The ease of the recipes is nice as well and everything is always easy to follow and simple (really important with kids) to understand.

Curation: This November, Thanksgiving themed package was super cute and the kids had such a good time creating these crafts. These are the perfect amount of time for young kids and the cleanup is a pinch and the best part is that kids get something to eat (that they made) at the end!


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Gramma in a Box $20

What a Fun Box!

Gramma in a Box is a monthly cookie and candy subscription for kids. This package included a Thanksgiving assortment

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