postbox november review

Postbox Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | November 2019

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postbox november review

Postbox is a monthly stationery subscription box from Postmark’d Studio. Each package contains a themed assortment of 4-5 cards from different letterpress’ all around the globe as well as postage and an artsy doodad. Subscriptions are $25 each month. NAT receives this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

stationery subscription box

The first glimpse inside the Postbox for November. I love how there is always a handwritten note included in each package.

subscription box review

Everything that arrived in my November, “There’s No Place Like Home” themed box from Postbox. This is a really cool assortment and I love how it came together. The assortment is varied but keeps to the theme for the month.


So what is all this stuff? 

Our box inserts. They do a really great job of including lots of information about each of the cards that come in the box as well as information about the different letterpress’ that they come from.

The reverse of our main insert also gives us ways to go “Outside the Box” with our snail mail. This month there’s another installment of their Brand Ambassador Series.


Vintage Postage

Each package from Postbox includes vintage postage (enough to mail four cards). This month they’ve chosen red vintage postage for the seasonal aspect.

They also include a card that tells us how to group our postage to properly mail our cards.


Red Glitter Washi Tape

Our artsy doodad for this box is a roll of red glitter washi tape. I LOVE washi tape and this one is so perfect for the holiday season, you can use this on gifts or on packages and the glitter is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen on washi tape before!


Lantern Press “Hello From” Postcard Set

This set of five postcards from Lantern Press were created just for Postmark’d Studio! These have a cute image of the globe and are great for sending little notes to friends from your travels. They were also bound in a Wizard Of Oz wrapper which was a super cute touch!

Postmark’d also included little dot stickers to place on these so you can mark where you are in the world at the moment. Lantern Press is a Seattle based Letterpress.


Next to You Card from Violet Press


One of my absolute favorite items in this collection is this vintage looking card from Violet Press. Pictured on the front is an antique sofa as well as the saying, “Next to you is my favorite place to be.” This would be excellent for an anniversary or a significant other’s birthday. I personally think the color combo is excellent!

Violet Press was featured in Postbox’s first box back in 2017 and they are a letterpress based in Colorado.


Home Hearth Card from Gotamago Press


This nostalgic image reminds me of the ovens you’d see “back in the day”. The meaning is that people always meet in the kitchen and it’s where we share food and fellowship. This really hits the right notes around the holidays and is a great card to send to long distance relatives and friends you are missing.

Gotamago is a Toronto based letterpress that are not just card makers but also story tellers.



In addition to all our other items that we received this month we also received a whole sheet of stickers. When compiled together it’s like a tiny town, these would be a great addition to the envelopes of your Christmas Cards!


Hate Has No Home from La Familia Green 


Our next card is super cute! This is a card that can transcend the holidays and be used anytime of year you’d like. The animals are all different on this card but equally cute as well as ultimately harmonious. I love the simple design and pops of color that La Familia Green uses!

I was surprised at how many of the cards from La Familia Green include animals – that’s because a portion of each of their cards sold go to support Chicago based animal charities (they are based in Chicago).


Ruby Slipper Card from Catherine Greenup Visuals

Our second to last card is the one I feel most embodies the spirit of the theme of this box. This is from Catherine Greenup Visuals who has been featured in Postbox’s in the past. She does these unique foiled cards that are just lustrous and beautiful. This one clearly has Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slipper from Wizard of Oz foiled onto an aptly blue card. I do also love that the envelope has the blue gingham print from Dorothy’s dress. Catherine Greenup is Cambria California based letterpress.


No Place Like Home Card from Post Rider Press

Our final card in this month’s box is a simple yet seemingly nostalgic looking card from Post Rider Press. Definitely the most “holiday” inspired card in this box – this is a great card to send to a friend wishing them well and giving them holiday greetings. I love the little buildings and the green hues as well. It’s important to note that each card from Postbox is blank inside so you are able to write whatever greeting you’d like!

Post Rider Press is a Los Angeles California based letterpress.


So in summary

Presentation: Everything is packaged well and arrives to us perfectly each month in our package from Postbox. This is definitely one of my favorites to unbox. If you want to see just how beautifully this is packaged you’ll have to watch the unboxing video.

Quality: I love seeing each of these cards and learning the stories of each of these small businesses and letterpress’. You can really see the love and the heart and soul in each of these cards. All the cards are printed on high quality card stock and the visuals are always exceptional.

Curation: This month’s theme was lots of fun and I really think this assortment was not only varied but it came together beautifully.


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Postbox from Postmark'd Studio $25

No Place Like Home

This month’s “There’s No Place Like Home” themed assortment is a great mix and came together really well.

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