misfits market december

Misfits Market Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | December 2019

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misfits market december

Misfits Market is a weekly or bi-weekly ugly produce subscription. Each package includes an assortment of US grown and organic produce that doesn’t quite fit the bill of what stores anticipate. Choose from a $22 Mischief Box that includes 10-12 pounds or the Madness Box that has 18-22 pounds for $35. They also offer a referral program that rewards both you and any friends that sign up 25% off their first and your next box when you refer them. Currently Misfits delivers to the following areas; PA, NY, NJ, CT, DE, MA, VT, NH, RI, ME, OH, WV, WDC, VA, MD, NC, SC, IL, IN, KT, AL, GA and FL with preorders for TN open now. NAT pays for this subscription.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Because I live in a very select area I am able to customize my box from Misfits. Unfortunately I do not know what locales have this ability. The first item I selected for my box this week are these five sweet potatoes. Two of them are very large and the other three are average. I like to use these for my lunches as this is a “healthier” starch.


The next item that I selected are these two Spaghetti Squash. I have noticed that Misfits uses squash to make up the weight of their boxes oftentimes. I don’t mind that but if you aren’t into squash you may want to keep that in mind. I love spaghetti squash… it’s so easy to make and is a carb free alternative to pasta!


Next up is a head of cauliflower. I’ve been eating kind of out of hand lately (thanks holidays) and I know cauliflower is one of those ever popular healthy vegetables and you can turn it into rice, what’s better than that!?


I also chose grape tomatoes. These are great for lunches and my kids absolutely cannot get enough of them! Something I like about the larger Misfits Box is that they double up on most of the items that they include. That’s great for people with large families as just one serving of the vegetable isn’t quite enough for a full meal!


I also selected red onions. These are my absolute favorite kind and I think they are the best raw! I use them in salads, on sandwiches and to cook with. They seem to have the most flavor and best aroma as well.


Then there are these two bunches of cilantro. This is the first time I had the option of choosing this for my box and choose it I did! There were two bunches included which is good for FOUR, count them FOUR Taco Tuesdays! I love love love cilantro and will be using this in my pico de gallo!


Next up is an item that I’ve yet to try… purple collards. We absolutely LOVE traditional green collards and after reading about these saw that they are just as delicious but a bit sweeter so I’m really excited to try these out!


Another squash that was included in our Misfits Market Box for this week are these two acorn squashes. We love these – simple scoop out the seeds and slice them and then roast with a bit of salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil and you’ve got something very special. These have a sweet and nutty flavor that I can’t get enough of!


Next up is a bag of snap peas. I chose these because they are really versatile and everyone in my house loves them. Another important note about Misfits Market is that all their packaging (including the bag in this image) are biodegradable or recyclable which  I think is are a really important aspect of this package.


Then there are these three apples. They’re gone already. My kids saw them and ate them.


I also received two Keitt Mangoes. I’ve never tried this variety but it makes sense that it would be included in a December Box as these are late season blooms. My kids love mangoes so I’m sure these will be a big hit in my house!


Another fruit I selected for the week are these Asian pears. These have to ripen up a bit before we eat them but look at how big they are! My husband loves pears so I selected these for him! These pears have a bit more water in them and are a bit more crisp and grainy than the European varieties.


Then we have four zucchini. For us, we love including these in foil packets and grilling them! All you need is a bit of salt, pepper, olive oil or garlic and this is terrific. But more recently we’ve been swapping out the garlic for fresh ginger for a bright kick of flavor and it’s absolutely delicious!


The final item in my Misfits Box for this week are these six limes. We love limes (and lemons) in my house and use them in a variety of ways. Our most common way to use these is also in our Taco Tuesday pico de gallo. But also more recently we’ve been using both the zest and juice in a marinade (along with ginger and garlic) on white meat chicken and then we grill it and it is absolutely divine! It’s one of my new favorites!


So in summary

Presentation: I love the new environmentally friendly packaging that Misfits Market introduced this week. And white this is an “ugly” subscription each of the items that I received was in great shape and had nothing wrong with it other than some slight imperfections!

Quality: I love that the fruits and vegetables in this box are all organic and grown here in the United States. Always great quality from Misfits Market!

Curation: Because I’m able to select the variety and assortment in my box I think it’s awesome and I love that they double up a lot of the items so that it’s enough to feed my large family of six!


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Misfits Market $22+

Great Week from Misfits

Misfits Market this week had a great assortment that I got to choose and think their new packaging is pretty cool as well!

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