spice breeze review

Spice Breeze Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | October 2019

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spice breeze review

Spice Breeze is a monthly spice subscription box that sends you your choice of either two or four spice kits which include recipes as well as all spices you’ll need to complete recipes from at least two regions of the world. Choose from the Wanderlust which includes two spice kits for $6.80 monthly. The Globetrotter which has two spice kits as well with DOUBLE the spice for $12.00 or the Cosmopoliton which includes 4 spice kits (what I’m reviewing today) for $13.99. NAT receives this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

spice subscriptions

Everything that came in our box for this month. These layouts are always so pretty!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert, this tells us that this month’s featured location is Martinique.

The back of the cards tells us a little more about Marinique and it’s inhabitants.


columbo de poulet recipe

Our first dish is aptly Martinican and is a popular dish in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. The main ingredient is Columbo powder which is a mixture of white ride and brown mustard.

This recipe seems pretty simple and to be honest I love mustard and would love to make this sometime this week. The packets for this include a mixture of anise seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and brown mustard seeds. The second packet includes turmeric, cumin, coriander, fenugreek, brown mustard, black pepper, cloves and white rice.


koofteh tabrizi recipe

Next in our package is Koofteh Tabrizi a Persian dish. This included just one packet that included a mixture of turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, rose petals, black pepper, cumin and mint.

These meatballs in this dish originated in Tabriz a city in Northern Iran. These are supposed to be much larger than the traditional meatballs because they are filled with so much!


how to use fennel pollen

Next is our featured spice – fennel pollen. These are a newer addition to the Spice Breeze packages. Each month they’ll send a featured spice along with several dishes that you can use them in.

The dishes that were included are baked fish, summer spaghetti and lemon chicken.


kung pao chicken recipe

The final dish for the month and the one that I decided to create is Kung Pao – a Chinese spice kit. This was something that looked like it could be a bit challenging and I wanted the acclaim of making it!

Our first spice packet includes garlic, ginger, sichuan pepper and our second packet simply includes red chili pepper flakes.


Okay so now what? 

Now I get to cooking!

First I cut my chicken into (half inch) chunks. I messed up and cut mine a little larger though.

Then I mix in half my soy sauce, corn starch, rice wine and oil and then we put that in the refrigerator for about thirty minutes.

Then I started preparing my noodles. The recipe calls for lo mein but I subbed in some stir fry noodles.


Once I’ve got that going I create my marinade! This includes tamari, syrup, vinegar, water, starch and kung pao spices as well as oil. Put this aside.

Noodles are done!

Once our meat has rested for thirty minutes we add a bit of oil to our pan and get it ripping hot… like right before it would start to smoke.

Then we add our hots and let those flavors get to know each other for about thirty seconds.

Next we add our chicken and cook until it’s slightly browned. I scraped the bottom quite a bit to keep the meat from sticking.

While the chicken was cooking I also simultaneously started chopping my green onions.

This recipe called for bok choy but I had so much spinach I decided to sub that out. I love the versatility of these recipes!

Once the meat is slightly browned we add our vegetables and cook for 2-5 minutes (when meat is cooked through and veggies are fragrant).

This is a really pretty dish.

Then we add our sauce and noodles and toss until it thickens.

It ended up looking like this!

My husband, older daughters and myself really enjoyed this dish!

And there was enough that I was able to serve leftovers for lunch.

You could also sub out the chicken for pork or add peanuts to really customize this dish!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to me well packaged and smelled amazing!

Quality: I love that Spice Breeze uses high quality organic spices – there’s a commitment to excellence with them that I love!

Curation: This month’s dishes were fantastic and I really enjoyed created this Kung Pao!


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Spice Breeze $6.90+

Yummy dishes this month

Spice Breeze for this month hones in on Martinique and several other regions of the world. The Kung Pao I made was delicious!

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