snail mail sticker club review

Snail Mail Sticker Club Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | July 2019

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snail mail sticker club review

Snail Mail Sticker Club is a monthly sticker subscription that sends at least ten various sized sheets of fun stickers as well as two affirmation cards (one for you and one for a friend) as well as a 5×7 frameable postcard. Subscriptions are $15.95 CAD which is $12.22 USD. Shipping in the US and Canada is free. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

sticker subscription box

This month’s package was in celebration of Canada Day and Independence Day. The stickers really channeled in on that summer spirit.


So what is all this stuff?

The box inserts. There is a postcard, two affirmation cards and a card that tells us about this month’s theme.

Here is our 5×7 frameable postcard.

You can also use this as a postcard though, which is pretty cool.

Here’s the card that tells us about this month’s selection.

And our two affirmation cards that say “I believe in myself” there’s one for me and one for a friend. Also, meet Pilgrim the newest addition to our family!


The first sheet is a bunch of owl stickers made to look a bit like sugar skulls. These are colorful and cute and would be great to put in a birthday card to a little one! I know that’s what I’ll be doing with mine!


Next is probably one of my favorite sheets that was included in this package. These bows are in different patterns and colors and would be great on the outside of envelopes or even in planners!


Then there’s this really large sheet of puffy barbecue style stickers. These really bring out the theme of this selection and I personally love the metallic embellishments. These almost have a fifties vibe to them. I really like these!


Then there’s this sheet with birds. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know that birds are sort of my jam, and these sweet colorful ones have a spring time vibe that is making me feel a yearning for that warm fresh time of year! These would also be great to include in a birthday card or used for good behavior in kiddos!


Then there’s this sheet of what I would call planner stickers. These are great to put in the corners and margins of your books to add notes that have tons of flair. These have a watercolor feel that would work on a page in any month of the year.


Next up is a sheet of animals stickers that is textured to feel a bit velvety. The color scheme is green, brown and orange and each of the animals is one that you’d find in the water. There is a turtle, fish, whale, crab, seahorse and jellyfish!


Another of my favorites in this package is another sheet of puffy stickers. These have succulents and cacti on them. Not exactly sure how I’ll be using these yet but I will def be keeping them all for myself!


These cute fruit and vegetable stickers have a little bit of glitter on each making them perfect for kids. These would be great to use practicing spelling or writing. I really love the beet!


Then another of the really cool sheets that I received are these geometric ones in a purple scheme. These are actually a wood sticker and would be EXCELLENT in a planner or in a space that you want to make colorful yet mature. I have never seen stickers quite like these before and they’re so heavy for a sticker!


Second to last are these holographic stickers with more animals on them. These would also be great to use in a classroom setting or any activity for children where you use stickers as an incentive.


Our final sheet is another that pays homage to the theme of this package, barbecue and outdoor food! Those hamburgers are looking super tasty!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to me perfectly in my package from Snail Mail Sticker Club

Quality: The quality of the stickers that they’ve included is great!

Curation: This month’s theme came through and the stickers that I received were pretty varied which I like!


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No matter what you use stickers for – planners, for your kids or for your classroom Snail Mail Sticker Club has you covered!

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