womple mail review

WompleMail Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | January 2020

womple mail review

WompleMail is a monthly subscription box for kids. Each package takes your child on an adventure to a new region of the world each month. Packages comes with a storybook, a fold out map and country guide, a craft and a collectible item that focus on that month’s featured locale. This box is designed for children ages 6-11. Subscriptions are $24.99 a month plus shipping with reduced prices for longer subscription terms. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Our first glimpse inside the box from WompleMail for January

children's subscription box

Everything that came in my January “Tanzania” package from WompleMail. This looks like a lot of fun!


So what is all this stuff?


Every box from WompleMail comes with a full length book that focuses on the location. Our book for this month is The Great Womple Migration.

Inside we learn about the Maasai people and the way they live.

The book has illustrations and is perfect for budding independent readers.

The book also does a great job of explaining the climate, landmarks and terrain that you’d find in Tanzania.


Our craft kit that came in this package includes enough to create two paper mache giraffes.

In this packet we received instructions, white glue, two foam brushes, tissue paper and two paper cups.


Here are our paper giraffes! I thought this was such a cute idea and couldn’t wait to see how they turned out!


Our collectible for the month is a crocodile keychain. Oliver immediately attached this to his backpack!


I also received a spoiler card for the February WompleMail package – we’ll be going to New Zealand.


Our fold out map also has a learning activity on it as well as tons of facts about the land.

When you turn the map over there are tons of facts about the Maasai people, recipes, the Tanzanian flag and some of the traditional items that are made and used.


Finally we have our six animal stickers that will be used with the activity that’s on the map.


Okay so now what?!

Now we get to learning!

The kids were really pumped to get started on this craft… clearly

Our first step is to pour glue about half way in each of the paper cups.

Then we’ll add a little water.

And stir.

Next we’ll select the colors that we’d like to use on our giraffe. Vivienne chose blue, orange and pink… at first.

Then you’ll start applying your glue mixture and your paper pieces.

I was impressed that Oliver rolled up paper and added it as eyes… that was very creative of him.

While Vivienne went for a much more colorful looking giraffe.

Oliver’s finished giraffe was very traditional and he even added black on the bottoms of the feet for hooves!

Vivienne’s completed giraffe looked like a pinata! I thought it was super cute and both kids had lots of fun!

Next Oliver and I worked on the map. You read the descriptions associated with each of the hooves to figure out which animal. You then take that sticker off the sheet and find the hooves that match on the map.

I was really impressed that Oliver read the descriptions himself and completed this entire activity on his own!

Here are all his stickers correctly labeling the map!

And of course afterward he went off to read his new book!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived well packaged and in perfect condition in my January box from WompleMail

Quality: I really love how in depth the facts as well as the book went. It’s clear that education is their priority.

Curation: This box offers a comprehensive look at exotic destinations that kids rarely get to see (heck even adults) and with each of these boxes we expand a child’s knowledge of the world which is great!


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WompleMail $24.99

Great way to teach kids culture

WompleMail is a great way to expose children to different world cultures each month. This box for Tanzania was awesome!

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