mel science review

MEL Science Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | Chemistry of Monsters & Starter Kit

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mel science review

MEL Science is a monthly chemistry subscription box suitable for kids age 10 and up. Each package includes up to 3 experiments that expand children’s horizons! Upon subscribing you’ll receive the MEL Science VR headset as well as the FREE starter kit that includes eight tools valued at $50. Additionally MEL Science has both a VR app to supplement the goggles and an app to supplement the experiments. Subscriptions to MEL Science are $34.90 monthly. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

The first glimpse inside the box from MEL Science. Inside are our VR Goggles, our experiment kit as well as our Starter Kit.

Each item is individually packaged. You’ll need the items you receive in the starter kit to complete future experiments from MEL Science as well, so it’s important to hang on to them.


So what is all this stuff? 

First up we have the MEL Science VR Goggles. This was such a cool thing to mess around with and Penelope is still enjoying using these!

The headset itself is cardboard and there are two spots to look through.

You insert your phone inside and (after you download the MEL Science App) you’ll be able to complete VR simulations!


Next up is the MEL Chemistry Starter Kit. This comes free with your first box and includes 8 total items.

You open it up and inside there is an insert.

Inside it tells you a bit of information about why this subscription is such a great option.

There’s also a full length instruction booklet for each of the pieces that was included in our Starter Kit.


Inside you’ll find information of first aid and safety as well as what to expect with your MEL science subscription.


In our starter kit we have a tray. This will be used to conduct experiments on.

There’s also a glass beaker.

It includes a small funnel as well that will be used on top of the beaker.

There are also two pairs of safety goggles included as well for eye protection.

This small metal object is a makeshift oven for experiments that require a flame.

This little clip has a lens on the end of it.

I don’t know the appropriate name for a lot of the little instruments that were included with this box but we’ll call this … little funnel number two.

Unfortunately I took a terrible photo of these three stoppers. These are blue rubber and each has different holes in them. I am thinking these will be used to demonstrate density.

This little gadget is a phone stand used for following the app instructions as you do the experiments.

There’s also what appears to be a wooden coaster

And finally, a metal coaster


In this box from MEL Science we received the Chemistry of Monsters Science Kit. In total this kit includes 45 minutes of active experimentation time.

The outer paper is a slide off and reveals the box below.

Upon opening you’ll find the contents of your experiments inside.

The first experiment in this package is the Sugar Snake

The second is a Foam Eruption

There are two packets of Liquid Soap included (you receive enough to do each experiment twice) which will be used in our foam eruption experiment.

This injector will be used to add water to our foam eruption


This packet of chemicals includes Anthocyanin, Citric Acid and Na2Co3 which will all be used in the foam eruption experiment.

This bag of chemicals includes two bottles of NaHCO3 which will be used in our Sugar Snake experiment. Again we received two so we can complete the project twice.

The solid fuel will also be used in our Sugar Snake experiment.

There’s a second packet of the two chemicals that we used in our foam eruption project so that we can do it again (the third bottle had enough for two already).

This little box includes two pairs of gloves – there is both a small and large pair.

This bag includes spoons to measure out the different ingredients you’ll be using in the experiments.

These wooden sticks will be used to light our sugar snake and stir different things. It’s just a great way to stay out of mess and danger! There were four included in total.

These aluminum foil sheets will be used in our Sugar Snake Experiment.

In addition to our experiment cards and the app instructions we also receive a pamphlet with full instructions on how to complete our experiments.


Okay so now what?

Now we get to the science!

First we gather up each item we’ll need to complete the first experiment for the month, the Foam Eruption. We’ll need a cup, the beeker, the small spoon, glasses, gloves, phone stand, injector and a wooden stick.

You’ll need to provide a large bowl for your eruption to happen in!

For this experiment you’ll need the Anthocyanin, Citric Acid and Na2Co3

The instructions on the app make these experiments really easy to follow.

First we add our Anthocyanin to a cup.

We’ll need one spoonful.

Then we’ll mix it with water.

Then we add the liquid soap and remaining chemicals, stir and put it in a bowl where it erupts!

This was really cool and the color was really pretty!


Then we gather the items we’ll need for our sugar snake experiment.

You’ll need a wooden stick, the makeshift oven, goggles, thermo sticker and the aluminum foil sheets.

For the chemicals you’ll need the solid fuel as well as the NaHCO3

First we add three spoons of sugar to the bottle that contains the NaHCO3 and shake for 10 seconds.

Shaking action shot.

Now we’ll cover the base of the oven with aluminum foil.

Then we’ll cover the sides with aluminum foil.

Then you’ll place your solid fuel in the center of the base.

Then you’ll add the mixture to the divet of the solid fuel and using the wooden stick light it on fire. It will go up quickly!

It burns for a solid ten minutes or so and we are left with this “snake”. This is exactly like those snake fireworks!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to me perfectly in my box from MEL Science.

Quality: There is a lot of effort and hard work put into the quality of not only the experiments but also the instructions and app! This is a great quality subscription for kids!

Curation: This Chemistry of Monsters follows up each activity with the why which I think is really important for a children’s subscription.


Subscribe to MEL Science




MEL Science $34.90

Great Way to Science

MEL Science is the perfect way to get kids interested in chemistry with fun and interactive science experiments!

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