gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | February 2020

gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription that includes everything you and your child need to create 15-20 themed cookie and candy treats. Buy a one time box for $20 or subscribe and get your first box for just $10 (subsequent boxes will be $20). NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the February “Valentine Treats” themed box

children's subscription boxes

Everything that came in my box from Gramma this month. It is aptly in the pretty Valentine’s colors we know and love… like pink. white and red.


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This tells us about this month’s box and lists everything that was included.

Each of the three projects for the month also has a set of instructions as well as an ingredients list.


These caramel pieces will be used in our second Crispy Caramel Bites project.


There’s also a tub of rice crispies that will be used in the Crispy Caramel Bites as well.


Every box from Gramma in a Box includes three different colored frostings to use in our final project… cookie decorating!


We always receive a large assortment in each of the packages from Gramma in a Box. These red sugar crystals will be used to decorate our Valentine Cookies!


These multi-colored sprinkles will be used in our first project – Valentine Candy Cane Hearts as well as our second Crispy Caramel Bites project.


These little cupcake cups will be used in our Crispy Caramel Bites project as well.


These multi-colored heart shaped sprinkles will be used to decorate our cookies in our third and final project


Then we have multi-colored pareils that will also be used in our cookie decorating project!


Every box from Gramma in a Box comes with eight total cookies to decorate. Typically there are four small cookies and four large cookies. Here are our four small cookies which are all heart shaped.


Another thing that comes in each Gramma in a Box are two sheets of parchment paper. These make cleaning up after completing your treats from Gramma a breeze!


These fun conversation hearts can be used in your choice of the first project or the second. We used ours in the Crispy Caramel Bites project.


Every box from Gramma in a box comes with melting chocolate and each month it comes in a fun color! This month it’s pink and white and it will be used in both our first and second projects!


Our large cookies came in two heart shapes and two valentine card shapes.


These six candy canes will be used in our first Valentine Candy Cane Hearts.


So will these three popsicle sticks. It takes two candy canes to make one heart, in case you were wondering!


Okay so what next? 

First up in creating our Valentine’s projects is gathering all the items we need for the Valentine Candy Cane Heart project. For this we’ll need the candy canes, the melting chocolate, sprinkles or conversation hearts, popsicle sticks and a spoon and dish that we provide.

Then we melt our melting chocolate! This will be used in both our first and second project from Gramma in a Box


Then we take two of our candy canes and rotate them to form a heart.

Then we place a popsicle stick below and in between our two candy canes making sure there are no gaps.

Then working quickly we pour some of the melting chocolate into the space in the candy canes. I used a toothpick to spread the chocolate out evenly.

Finally, we’ll top it with some sprinkles or a conversation heart… the choice is yours.


These came out really cute!


Next we gather everything that we’ll need for our second Crispy Caramel Bites project. We will need the remaining melting chocolate, the rice krispies, the caramel bits, the conversation hearts, sprinkles and the little cupcake liners.

Then we’ll lay out the cupcake liners and put some of the caramel bits in each one.

Then working quickly we will spoon the rice krispies (that we’ve mixed with the remaining melting chocolate) into each of the cups.

Then finally we’ll top it with either the sprinkles or the conversation hearts – or both the choice is yours!


Our final project is our cookie decorating. This is always the one the kids have the most fun with – as they get to be as creative as they’d like. To complete this project we’ll need our cookies, pareils, sugar crystals, sprinkle hearts and frosting.

My kids always divvy these up so that they each get two (one big and one small). On this day my olders got in a fight so they refused to decorate their cookies at the same time.. you can’t make this stuff up folks.

I also accidentally spilled the little heart sprinkles.. which kind of made me sad!

The littles just love squirting frosting on them literally COATING THEM IN FROSTING.

They’ve even gotten really good about getting butter knives to spread it out to coat the cookie.

I had to laugh at the little blobs of icing

And here’s Isabelle’s cookie just waiting for her to come back and decorate it.

Here are Oliver’s completed cookies.

Here are Penelope’s completed cookies.

And here are all of our finished candy and cookie crafts for the month of February.


So in summary

Presentation: The rice krispies spilled in our box but it was easy to get them back in the container, otherwise everything came perfectly.

Quality: I always love the assortment of different sprinkles that are included in the boxes from Gramma in a Box, so much fun!

Curation: The thing I think I treasure most about this package is that the crafts are quick and easy to clean up. They are fun enough and are completed simply enough to keep the active attention of smaller children with short attention spans. Other than that the treats and crafts that we received this month were great!


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Gramma in a Box $20

Cute Valentine's Crafts

This month’s box from Gramma in a Box is a cute assortment of Valentine themed candy and cookie projects

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