space & beyond box review

Space & Beyond Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | Spring 2020

space & beyond box review

Space & Beyond Box is a seasonal subscription box from Astronomy Magazine. Each package includes 5-7 full sized astronomy related products valued at $80+. Subscriptions are $49.95 seasonally and with code TREE you’ll get 10% off your first box. Shipping is free throughout the US and shipping to Canada is an additional $3. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the Space & Beyond Box for Spring. Right on the top you can see the magazine that is included in each box.

Everything that came in my Space & Beyond Subscription Box.


So what is all this stuff? 


Celestial Wonder Globe


The first item in my box is probably my favorite in this collection. This 4.3 inch globe features different stars, constellations, as well as celestial images. This stands six inches tall and rotates on not one but two different axis’s

My husband collects globes and he was really pumped to see something like this. It’s so unique and the two axis’s is really cool!


Celestron Night Vision Flashlight


The next item in our box is a red light flashlight… since red is the only color that doesn’t affect night vision these flashlights come in handy for looking at star charts and setting up your equipment in the dark.

This flashlight has two red led bulbs that can be dimmed.


Asterisms Viewing Guide Set


Then there’s this Asterism Viewing Guide. This includes 31 cards that feature different star groups that can be found in the night sky. The reverse of each card tells you interesting and little known facts about each group.

The cards are illustrated really well.

And the facts are displayed in a user friendly and clear way.


Space Particles: Night Sky Viewing Edition


Every box from Space & Beyond comes with a magazine that not only details each of the items that was included in the box but also includes curated articles that go along with the items that were included in your box. The images are striking and the articles are in depth and interesting.

I think this is such a great addition to this box!


How to Buy Your First Telescope Digital Download


Next we have a digital item. This ebook tells you how to select the right telescope. This handbook covers different telescope types and answers some of the more common questions that people have when they are selecting a telescope.


Your Guide to the Night Sky 2020 Poster


This poster is a great way to prepare for all your 2020 sky observations. This is an exclusive from Astronomy Magazine and has two sides! One side has lunar phases, best times to observe the planets while the other side has the best time you can see the stars based on season.

What a neat way to enjoy the night sky!


Explore the Universe Guide


The final item in my box is an exclusive introductory guide to astronomy from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. This book contains loads of information about different coordinate one can  find in the sky, when to view and other information about eclipses, the constellations, the difference between major and minor planets, facts about the moon and much more!

I love that they add images to make consuming the information a bit easier

Penny has already begun reading this and enjoying it! What a great addition to this box!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything is packaged well (and I love the box) in my Space & Beyond Box

Quality: I love that a lot of the items in this box are exclusive and I absolutely love how each item really makes you feel like you’re a world class astronomer!

Curation: This night skies themed box came together really well and my family and I enjoyed all the items that were included! I felt like there was something for everyone in my family.

Box Economy: For the price of this box ($49.95) we received $86 in products which is a great deal!


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Space & Beyond Box $49.95

Great for anyone into space

This box is the perfect addition to your life if you love space and astronomy! This Night Skies Box was a wonderful collection of items to view the different constellations.

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