gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | March 2020

gramma in a box review

Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription box that sends a themed assortment filled with everything you need to complete 15-20 candy and cookie crafts. Subscriptions to Gramma in a Box are $20 and if you select an auto-renewing subscription plan you’ll get your first box for just $10. NAT received this box at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the Gramma in a Box package for March.

children's subscription boxes

Everything that came in my March, “St. Patrick’s Day Treats” package from Gramma in a Box.


So what is all this stuff? 

My box insert. This tells us about this month’s theme and lists all the items that have been included in our box.

There’s also a card included for each of the three projects that we received this month.


The first item in my box are these two pieces of parchment paper. This will be used to create our treats on as well as a great spot to let the chocolate and frosting set.


These six popsicle sticks will be used in our first project, Shamrock Pretzel Pops


These six gold mini cupcake liners will be used in our second project, Marshmallow Pot O’Gold Cups


Next up are these gold sugar crystals. One of the things I am most impressed with in the Gramma in a Box package is the assortment of sprinkles that’s included each month. These will be used in either the Shamrock Pretzel Pops project or the St. Patrick’s Day Cookies project.


These gold starts and circles will be used in our second, Marshmallow Pot O’Gold Cups project. These are super cute.


Each package from Gramma in a Box comes with eight cookies, four large and four small. Our large cookies for the month are two large shamrocks

And two large pots of gold.

We also receive four small cookies. There are four small shamrocks. These were sugar cookies as they are most months.


Every box from Gramma in a Box comes with a different colored melting chocolate. This will be used in both our first and second project. This month the colors are green and white to make a bright green color.


Next in our box is another container of sprinkles. These are multi-colored yellow, green and white that can be used in either your Shamrock Pretzel Pops project or your St. Patrick’s Day Cookie decorating project.


These green sugar crystals are another fun and colorful inclusion to this box and can be used in either our first or third project.


Then we also received this container of multi-colored pareils which I used in my third St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Decorating project.


Next in our package are these mini marshmallows that we’ll be using in our second project, Marshmallow Pot O’Gold Cups.


Then we have one of the cutest sprinkles in our box for the month. These small shamrocks that will be used in either our first or third project.


These candy balls will be used in our Shamrock Pretzel Pop project. They’ll be the center of our pop.


Then there is this bag of mini pretzels that will also be used in our Shamrock Pretzel Pops project.


Finally in our box are these three tubes of frosting. Each package from Gramma in a Box has these and they are different colors each month. This month there is a yellow, green and white tube included.


Okay so now what? 

Now we get to making our tasty treats!

First in our box is our Shamrock Pretzel Pop Craft. So we gather everything that we’ll need to complete it. There is the mini pretzels, melting chocolate, candy balls, popsicle sticks and sprinkles of your choice. We melt our chocolate and then work as quickly as possible.

First we arrange our pretzels like so.

Then we dip each bottom of the pretzels in the green chocolate and attach it to the popsicle stick.

Then to finish this craft off we’ll top it with a green candy ball and the sprinkles of your choice! How cute is this!?


The second project in our box is the Marshmallow Pot O’ Gold Cups. This recipe requires the remaining melting chocolate, the cupcake liners, the gold star sprinkles and the marshmallows.

Working quickly we mix our marshmallows into the melting chocolate.

Then we’ll spoon a bit of the mixture into each of the six cups.

These are going to be so colorful!

The finished product are these cute little cups. I just love those gold sprinkles!

Finally for our Gramma in a Box for March we gather together everything that we’ll need for our Cookie Decorating project. There’s the frosting, the sprinkle assortment as well as our eight cookies. I really just let my kids use their imaginations and have a great time with this craft, and they always do!

Here are our completed crafts for the month. As you can see the parchment contains the mess to the paper and my kids really let their imaginations take the wheel with the cookie decorating! What we’re left with is an adorable assortment of different cookies and candies, and the best part as a parent is that each of these crafts took less than ten minutes. So that makes it easily digestible for kids young and old and with easy cleanup to boot!


So in summary

Presentation: This month Gramma in a Box started shipping differently and putting the box in a USPS bubble mailer which was nice. And everything arrived to me in my box perfectly which was awesome!

Quality: I am always impressed with the amount of sprinkles that are included. They are always really closely related to the theme as well which is really cool.

Curation: The projects that come in this box each month are fun, and engaging but they’re also quick and simple to keep young children’s attention. I love that about the recipes and I also love how well they fit into the season of the year that they happen in, keeping this box relatable for children as well.


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Gramma in a Box $20

Cute Month for the Kiddos

This March Box from Gramma in a Box was a cute assortment of different St. Patricks day candy and cookie crafts that the kids loved!

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