i Create Art Kit February 2020 Subscription Box Review + Unboxing

i create art kit review

i Create Art Kit Boxes are monthly art projects sent straight to your door! Each package from i Create Art comes with two projects designed for kids of all ages along with curriculum and supplies for 3 people curated by the owners of an art studio. Subscriptions are $35 monthly and if you subscriber to a three, six or annual subscription you’ll get free shipping! NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the i Create Art Kit for February.

art subscription box

Everything that came in my box from i Create Art. There was even a bonus project in my box for the month so we actually received three fun projects to do!


So what is all this stuff? 

My box insert. This tells us whats included in the i Create Art Boxes


Our bonus project for the month is this pin project there are three pin backs, fronts and pieces of paper to create our watercolor image.

I knew that this would be exciting for the kids!


This Bristol Paper (I had to look this up) is named after a town in England and is a very thick form of stock. There were three sheets included that would be used in our Sea Turtle Pointallism Project.


This salt will be used in one of our techniques in our Space Scene Watercolor Project.


This pencil will be used to either draw or transfer our templates in either of our projects for the month.


These three Liquimark Permanent Markers will also be used in our Sea Turtle Project – the point will be to use a limited palette and create more colors by blending your points!


We received a watercolor paint set as well as three brushes with different tips to help us complete our Space Scene.


I really like how each of our projects is labeled and kept together. Here you can see the Sea Turtle project. Not only does everything we need to complete the project come with this but we also get tons of reference images as well as a full set of curriculum, including facts about sea turtles and practice drawing sequences.


The same with our Space Scene Kit. There’s facts about space and plenty of reference images to aid you in your project. The instructions for each project are also really great – there’s also Youtube videos to help you complete your projects as well making this really interactive and fun for kids!

I really liked the images that they included (and so did Oliver) in fact he kept them after we were done with the crafts!

This sheet will be used so that we can sequence drawn our space scene complete with UFO and aliens! Each line is numbered so kids can easily follow along!


Each project also came with a template in the event you wanted to use transfer paper to complete either of them.


And of course to create a transfer you need some transfer paper!


For our space scene project we also received three large pieces of watercolor paper.


Okay, so now what?

Now we art!

First in our box we started the space scene project. For this one the first step is to trace the image with your finger.

Actually first we read the entirety of the instructions. This project has a few ways you can complete it too which I think is great – it gives children options!

Both Penny and Oliver decided that they would free draw their space scene using the sequence sheet.

I wasn’t sure how well Oliver would do but I was certainly excited to see what he came up with!

Here are Penny and Oliver’s Space Scenes! Super cute!

I also helped Vivienne make a space scene as well.

Then we get our water and paper towels to prepare to paint this watercolor space scene

All of the kids wanted to try out the salt technique which has you sprinkle salt over the wet paint before it dries to create a mottled look.

I allowed Oli and Viv to really just use their imaginations while they painted – that way they wouldn’t lose interest and would come up with really unique and fun paintings!


Then before the paint dries we apply the salt!

We are left with three very fun paintings. This kit really is great for kids of all ages!


Then Belle got started on her pointillism project by practicing the sequencing.

And she wanted to use the transfer paper. So here’s the cool effect of our outline on the transfer paper.

And there’s her completed template on the Bristol paper.

Once she got started I was really impressed with how well she was doing.

And while the effect of creating an entire image with dots can see a little daunting she didn’t get ruffled at all. She just kept at it and tried her best!

Her final completed project is nothing short of a masterpiece!


Finally in our box is the pin project. Our instructions guide us through puddle painting with watercolor and then adding designs but since this was something the kids could wear I also allowed them to have a bit of fun and do whatever their hearts desired.

Penny decided to use the watercolors.

And Belle decided to use the markers.

And here are a couple more of our complete pins!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and also labeled in my box from i Create Art Kit which is really helpful when getting ready to complete your projects!

Quality: The quality of the items included in this box is really high. The markers, paper and curriculum are all top notch!

Curation: This box really is excellent for kids of all ages which works great for households where you have a variety of different aged children (ahem MINE). All of my kids left this project feeling like the created something great and that’s exactly what this subscription box is all about!


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