snail mail sticker club review

Snail Mail Sticker Club Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2019

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snail mail sticker club review

Snail Mail Sticker Club is a month sticker subscription. Each package sends at least ten sheets of stickers along with a 5×7 frameable postcard with positive affirmations as well as two affirmation cards (one for you and one for a friend). Subscriptions ship from Canada and cost 15.95 CAD which is $11.49 USD. Ships free to Canada and US – $6 shipping worldwide. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing


Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Everything that came in my August package. This very aptly, had a summer theme and there were so many fun sticker sheets included!


So what is all this stuff? 

My affirmation cards. There are two included in each package…one for me and one for a friend or loved one. These say I am enough and I really like that sentiment personally.


My frameable post card. This has a fun three dimensional print and says, “You Are Magnificent”. The best part is that this can really be used for a post card!


My first sticker sheet in this package is a fun summer sheet that would be great to use in your planner. This fun set is a mix of fold Monsterra leaves and other tropical leaves interspersed with pink flamingoes, watermelon and other tropical items. It’s a great color motif and a nice way to commemorate summer!


Next up is this fun pineapple sticker sheet (keeping with that summer theme). These are not only puffy but glittery as well… making them lots of fun for a summer month of your planner There are a total of twelve of these stickers included in total!


Third in my package is another summer themed sheet. These neon stickers are just the outline of many popular summertime items and activities.  On  this you’ll find flamingos, fruit and pool floats!


Next we have a fun scratch and sniff sticker sheet. This is the second time that I received a sheet like this in my package from Snail Mail Sticker Club. With nine stickers in total this is great for these days we are stuck indoors as a reward for good behavior!


This cheetah sticker sheet is super cute. If you are an animal print lover or even just really enjoyed “The Tiger King” this would be a great addition to your planner. Or you could draw a little grass scene and let your kids have a field day using these fun stickers! Either way I love this sheet!


Another fun sheet is this one where you have various animals enjoying different playground equipment! These are great for kids to use during coloring and other sorts of playtime! The variety provides lots of choices for kids as well!


Then there are some smaller sheets with holographic emoji stickers that seem to have a bit of a garden motif. There are worms, butterflies, flowers and stars included. Lots of cute stickers for my little buddies!


This sheet of holographic silver heart stickers is a fun one for a variety of different uses. Great as incentive for kids or for use on mail or in your planner. I like holographic stuff and the different sizes make them useful in a variety of capacities.


One of my favorite sheets that was included in this package is this vintage bow sheet. On it you will find a variety of different vintage bows along with different types of flowers in a variety of colors. While these are great for your planner these are also great on birthday cards and other forms of greetings!


Second to last we have this fun sort of mashup of different mix tapes along with menacing animals. This is a fun sheet and definitely will appeal to your little guy! I like that they put in a more boy themed (hate to specify gender but you guys get what I’m saying) sheet!


The final sheet in our package for the month is another fun summer themed sheet. This one has lots of summertime fruits along with a couple ice cream cones and … you guessed it… rainbows! Cute for any activity – this one is sure to add color to whatever you add it too!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything is packaged well and arrives to me perfectly in my package from Snail Mail Sticker Club

Quality: I love the quality of the stickers that they include in their packages each month.

Curation: This assortment of stickers is really cute and a perfect embodiment of the spirit of summertime.


Snail Mail Sticker Club

Snail Mail Sticker Club $11.49

Cute summer themed month

This package from Snail Mail Sticker Club is a cute and fun homage to the summer! I loved all the sheets that were included!

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