spice breeze review

Spice Breeze Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | January 2020

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spice breeze review

Spice Breeze is a monthly international spice subscription box. Choose from their Cosmopolitan package that includes four spice kits (a recipe with all necessary spices) two of which you will choose for $13.99, the Wanderlust which includes two pre-chosen spice kits for $6.80and the Globetrotter that includes everything in the Wanderlust with double the spices for $12.99. Use code BUZZFEED20 to receive 20% off your order. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the Spice Breeze package for January. This had a New Year theme which was pretty apt.

spice subscription box

Everything that came in my January package from Spice Breeze. As always the layout looks gorgeous!


So what is all this stuff? 

Each package from Spice Breeze features a different exotic location.

This month Spice Breeze is shining a light on Karakoram Highway that runs from Pakistan to China (crazy right)!


The first dish in our package is Rendang, an Indonesian dish which was voted one of the most delicious dishes in the WORLD! A mixture of beef and coconut milk slow cooked for hours delivers a tender result with exotic spice flavors to really give you a culinary treat! Our spice packet for this dish (generally there are anywhere from one to three packets included for each recipe) includes; lemongrass, galangal coriander makrut lime leaves, turmeric and mild chili


Next is Sichuan Beef a Chinese dish that features the Sichuan pepper… you may know this one because it has that very unique tongue numbing property and is named after the province in China.

While this dish seemed pretty simple in these times I’m working with what I have and didn’t have the ingredients necessary to complete this one. There were two spice packets included; the first contained a blend of ginger, star anise, cinnamon, fennel and cloves and the second contained just the sichuan pepper.


Second to last in my January package from Spice Breeze is this Boeuf Aux Quatre Epices – literally translated to beef with four spices which is a French staple dish. This includes both black and white pepper which interestingly enough are derived from the same plant, just different stages of development.

Our packet for this recipe included white pepper, cloves, ginger and nutmeg.


Finally we have Kadhi Pakora, a Pakistani Spice Kit. I had the ingredients necessary to complete this and I will be honest I didn’t think that I would love this dish as much as I did! This is a combination dish that has two recipes in one. First is the sauce and second is our little dumplings that they are served in.

There were two spice packets included to complete this recipe – the first included coriander, mild chili, fenugreek, turmeric, cumin, asafoetida. The second include ajawan and cumin seeds (this was extremely aromatic and yummy)!


Okay so now what? 

First we combine yogurt, half a cup of flour and half a cup of water.

Then we mix to combine. It should look a bit like this. FYI this recipe called for chickpea flour but since I didn’t have that I used whole wheat flour… the chickpea flour is said to give this recipe a flavor a bit more like falafel … which means I now have to go buy some so I can try it!

Next we heat two tablespoons of oil in a pot and then add our thinly sliced onions (half of what the recipe calls for). Once they turn brown we’ll add our garlic, ginger, optional chili (i’m cooking for my kids so we’re gonna pass on that tonight) and our first spice packet.

Once you add all that you are going to stir fry it for 30 seconds. This smells amazing!

Now we are going to add our tomatoes (there were two the recipe called for chopped) and mix. We’ll cook this for five minutes stirring throughout.

Then we add the yogurt mixture along with about three cups of water and salt. We’ll cook this for about thirty minutes stirring frequently.

Also I covered this even though the recipe didn’t call for that.

Next we’ll move on to the Pakora portion of the recipe (these are our dumplings). The recipe calls for spinach and well… I had kale so that’s what I used. In a bowl I mix the other half of the onions, kale (spinach), a cup of flour, slat and the second packet of spices. We allow these flavors to get to know each other for about twenty minutes.

Once those twenty minutes are up we will add a few tablespoons of water to create a thick paste. It resembles very loosely a dough. While you do this you’ll heat about an inch of oil in a pot (or pan whatever you prefer) and you are gonna roll these suckers into balls or spoon drops into it and fry them until golden brown.

I will be honest and say that I was not convinced that this would be good because typically when I fry stuff… it doesn’t work out very well. But when I saw these came out okay I was impressed.

And then they just kept turning out great! I was impressed!

This dish was phenomenal and while I would have gone for a bit more heat if the kids weren’t eating with us it was still amazing!

We served it with brussel sprouts and pork loin! Yummy!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything always looks so pretty when we open our Spice Breeze and is labeled well as well! There’s recipes for busy weeknights as well as weekend dinners

Quality: The quality of the spices included in this subscription box is awesome. They’re organic as well as high quality!

Curation: In the quad package I love that you can select two of the recipes that you receive each month and the featured location really gives you a taste of different flavors around the world which I love!


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Another Yummy Month

This was another delicious offering from Spice Breeze. Our dish from Pakistan was a great and authentic meal that the whole family enjoyed!

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