universal yums review

Universal Yums Scandinavia April 2020 Subscription Box Review

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universal yums review

Universal Yums is a monthly snack subscription box. Each package takes you to a different location across the globe. Upon subscribing you’ll choose from one of three different subscription options. The Yum Box has 6+ snacks for $15 monthly (what we’re reviewing), the Yum Yum Box has 12+ snacks for $25 and the Super Yum Box has 20+ snacks for $39 monthly.

Subscription Box Review

The first glimpse inside the Universal Yums package from April. Clearly we are on our way to Scandinavia!

Every box from Universal Yums comes with a booklet that includes trivia, information about the items included and little puzzles and things. Here is the Scandinavian booklet.

snack subscription box

Everything that came in the Yum Box from Universal Yums. There are a lot of tasty looking treats included!


So what is all this stuff? 

The pamphlet includes lots of information about the items that came in our box.


First up we have the Draumur Bar which is milk chocolate with salted caramel crispies inside! Yum!


Next there’s the Salmiakki Macko or Salty Licorice Bar which is a snack that personally I would pass on.


The box also included these Not Creme Cookie Dough Praline Candies (there were two included in total). I love praline so this sounds like a delight!


There were also two of these small gingerbread flavored toffees called Pepperkaks Kola. Is this something that you’d try? Sounds really interesting to me!


Then there’s this KiM’s American Grill Chips with Grill seasoning. As a savory gal, these are the snacks that I like to see included in my boxes. No clue why they’re called “American Grill” the seasoning blend included onion, tomato, paprika and chili powder.


Another savory snack that made it’s way into the box for the month are these KiM’s Snack Chips (with assorted spices). These are flavored with onion, garlic and paprika and resemble a Wheat Thin


The final snack in our box for the month is Choko Flager. These are oat cookies with cocoa filling. These cookies are part of a 150 year old traditiion!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything is packaged well and arrived to us perfectly in our box from Universal Yums.

Quality: I mean they are snacks – so you get exactly what you sign up for – no surprises there!

Curation: This was an authentic assortment and had both sweet and savory treats!



Subscribe to Universal Yum

Universal Yums $15+

Great Box of Snacks

If you want to familiarize yourself with snacks from around the world Universal Yums might be a great option for you!

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