spice breeze review

Spice Breeze Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | October 2019

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spice breeze review

Spice Breeze is a monthly international spice subscription box. Choose from their Cosmopolitan package that includes four spice kits (a recipe with all necessary spices) two of which you will choose for $13.99, the Wanderlust which includes two pre-chosen spice kits for $6.80and the Globetrotter that includes everything in the Wanderlust with double the spices for $12.99. Use code BUZZFEED20 to receive 20% off your order. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the October package from Spice Breeze. This is such a cool layout!

Everything that came in my package from Spice Breeze for October. This is such a cool layout!


So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert for the month. They’ve stepped away from featuring a location for the time being to focus on the festive season at hand.

This month we are encouraged to create a “Black Dinner” in honor of Samhain.


First up in my package is our featured seasoning, Black Garlic. This is one that I’ve had before and find DELICIOUS! Black Garlic is fermented and aged garlic and gets it’s color from being processed with high heat and high humidity.

Our insert that accompanies this spice gives us a variety of options on how to use it!


This Chipotle Chile is a seasoning that is intended to be used to create a tomato sauce that we will use in a recipe that you’ll see a bit later in this package. The instructions to create this sauce are quite simple – heat oil, 2 cups of tomato puree, sugar, vinegar, red wine, salt and the contents of this package for 30-60 minutes or until the sauce has thickened. You can make this ahead of time!


First up in my package is an Italian dish and the one we’ll be using in coordination with the red sauce that we made above.

Our spice packet for this dish includes; onion, oregano, basil, marjoram, sage, garlic, chile and celery.


Then we have our Black Bean Burger recipe which is labeled as a Global dish. This is one variation of many different types of vegetarian burger options. I have never made one myself and so I am really looking forward to creating this dish!

Our spice packet for this recipe includes sun dried tomatoes, garlic, onion, chipotle chil, porcini mushroom, cumin, smoked paprika, green bell pepper and yellow mustard. This is a really interesting combination!


is the N

The final dish in my package and the one that I decided that I’d make for the month. Machboos is a Bahraini dish that doubles as Bahrain’s national dish! The spice blend for this dish Omani Baharat combines limed and roses which was the reason I decided I needed to make this one (spoiler alert – it did NOT disappoint).

There were two spice packets included in this dish – the first included Omani limes, roses, turmeric, cinnamon, paprika, cardamom, cloves, coriander, and nutmeg our second packet included just cardamom.


Okay so now what? 

Now we get to cooking. This dish is complete with a starch, vegetable and protein so it’s perfect for a big weekend dinner night.

We start out by covering out uncooked rice with water and lemon juice (I only had limes so I used that instead) and let it soak in the refrigerator.

Then I season my drumsticks with salt and pepper and set them aside.

Then we heat our oil in a pan and add our onions. We’ll do this until they are transluscent.

Then we add our garlic and ginger and stir fry for two minutes.

Ooops and I forgot to add the first seasoning packet at this time as well. At this point this smells amazing and is really aromatic!

Once those flavors get to know each other we add our chicken, broth and tomatoes to the pot.

We’ll cover this and allow it to simmer for about twenty minutes.

While that is cooking I start to make the salad. The main component is shredded carrots. We also add lemon (in my case lime) juice, the second seasoning packet which is cardamom and a dot of oil. I put this in the refrigerator to chill once I had it made.

Once we’ve cooked our broth and chicken for twenty minutes we’ll open the lid and remove the chicken and set aside.

Then we’ll add our rice to the pot, bring it back to a boil, cover and cook for 15 minutes without lifting the lid!

Your finished rice will look like this! It is a beautiful dish and once you add your herbs ( you can use either parsley or cilantro – I chose cilantro) it’s even prettier.

See what I mean?!

Now you’ll pan fry your drumsticks. There are nine of them in mine so I had to use two pans but let me assure you that this smelled amazing as I was making it and the kids couldn’t wait to try it!

I love that this is a big dish that can feed so many. It’s also so pretty and colorful! I was worried about the carrot salad as my husband isn’t a huge fan of carrots but he commented that it was so “refreshing” and I was quite honestly taken aback!

I usually don’t eat rice but I went back for seconds on this one. I loved this dish and will definitely be making it again!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to me perfectly in my package from Spice Breeze. I love the Halloween theme that they used for this package.

Quality: I love that Spice Breeze uses organic and non gmo spices in their spice kits! All the ingredients are such high quality

Curation: Since you are able to customize this package a bit and the Halloween theme was so much fun I would say that the curation of this package was stellar!


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Spice Breeze $6.80+

Great Month

Another great month full of different flavors from all around the world! The dishes I created for the month were delicious!

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