Lush Bath Bomb Gift Set Review

groovy kind of lush gift set review

If you’ve read my blog for any period of time you know I’m a HUGE fan of Lush Bath Bombs. With Covid-19 keeping us indoors and shutting down our favorite non-essential stores I haven’t had a quality bath bomb in quite a bit. My loving husband for Mother’s Day bought we the “Groovy Kind of Lush” Gift Set off their website and while it was on backorder because of shipping delays it was a very welcome treat. Each package comes with 9 bath bombs and costs $84.95 on their site. It is currently out of stock and I’m not sure when this will be back. NAT paid for this box.

Beauty Box Unboxing

Beauty Box Review

My first glimpse inside this gift set from lush and I was just as excited as can be. I love the cool box that these bath bombs came in, it was psychedelic and fun. Watch the unboxing for all the views of the box and packaging.


So what is all this stuff?


groovy kind of love bath bomb


The first bath bomb and the worst picture I took of any of the bath bombs included is the Groovy Kind of Lush Bath Bomb. This is a staple in the Lush arsenal of bath bombs. This 6.3 ounce bomb has notes of rosewood and bergamot and leaves trails of rainbow color in your bath tub.


sex bomb bath bomb


Next is the Sex Bomb – a 6.3 ounce bath bomb that enlivens your senses with notes of jasmine while soy milk nourishes the skin. The center flower once wet opens and turns into soft petals that act as moisturizers.


lucky cat bath bomb


Next up is a bath bomb that I’ve never tried before – it’s the 3.5 ounce Lucky Cat Bath that is pink with tons of microglitter to make your bath shimmer! This is scented with jasmine, neroli and ylang ylang. I love florals and neroli so I’m really excited to try this guy out!


dragon's egg bath bomb


The Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb is one that Lush carries periodically, it never seems to be one of their staple bath bombs. This is a solid 6.3 ounces and has those little pop rocks candies that add another element of sense to your bath time experience. This bath bomb is white with specks of color strewn without. When you add this to your tub you’ll smell lemon and bergamot which are great for an early morning bath!


marshmallow world bath bomb


Next up we have the 6.7 ounce Marshmallow World Bath Bomb. This is the second bath bomb thus far in our box that I haven’t had the chance to try. This bath bomb combines vanilla and lavender with real marshmallow powder for a softening as well as relaxing experience.


avocado bath bomb


Another bath bomb that was included in our gift set was this Avocado Bath Bomb. I’ve tried this one before and have to be honest, as much as I love avocados this one is a bit boring. This is still nice though, it’s 6.3 ounces and smells like lemongrass (another favorite of mine) with olive oil and avocado nourishing and moisturizing the skin.


the comforter bath bomb


Another bath bomb that I haven’t had a chance to try in the past is this fun shaped, 7.0 ounce (hugenormous) Comforter Bath Bomb. This is a fast fizzer which creates lots of foam and the notes in it will help you sleep! You’ll smell cypress oil, lemongrass and black currant. This is a limited edition bomb and is a companion product to the Comforter Bubble Bar.


twilight bath bomb


Another staple in Lush’s collection of bath bombs is the 6.3 ounce Twilight. This bath bomb is stamped with moon and stars and smells of lavender and tonka. The glitter held within creates a night sky in your bath tub… a truly beautiful bath bomb in my opinion.


intergalactic bath bomb

The final bath bomb in this collection is the 6.3 ounce Intergalactic Bath Bomb. This is a popping bath bomb and is probably the most colorful of any that were included in this collection (and maybe even in all of Lush’s products). The smell is unique and amazing and while it’s peppermint and vetiver it seems much more complex than that!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to me perfectly and was absolutely beautifully packaged (but I expected nothing less of Lush).

Quality: Vegan, Cruelty Free and made with quality all natural ingredients? I’d say the quality is pretty darn amazing.

Curation: This is an excellent assortment of best sellers as well as limited editions and bath bombs that enliven different parts of your senses!

Box Economy: For the price of this assortment ($84,95) I received 54.6 ounces of bath bombs with a combined value of  about $62 so you are definitely paying for the packaging. It’s almost a $20 difference but if you want to bless someone with the ultimate gift of bath bombs this might be the way to go.


Check Out Lush

Groovy Kind of Lush Bath Bomb Set $84.95

Excellent Assortment

If you need to gift someone who loves bath bombs this might be the option for you. However, I would recommend buying one off bath bombs if you are buying them for yourself.

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