Ben Greenfield’s The Longevity Blueprint from Mindvalley Course Review

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Mindvalley is an online platform for personal growth. They have classes that teach anything from mind expansion, fitness, self love and entrepreneurship through their “Quests”. Each Quest is taught by a world class teacher with other classmates – and you have the ability to communicate and discuss each class with your “tribe” (or class). Mindvalley offers free courses in addition to courses that you have to pay for. Today I’m reviewing their Longevity Blueprint Quest taught by Ben Greenfield an author and biohacker. The course is taught in 7 weeks and introduces the user to different ways to get the optimum beauty and longevity out of their fitness routine. You can choose to take just this course from Mindvalley or you can opt for Mindvalley all access where you can access each Quest that Mindvalley has to offer. NAT received this course at no cost for review purposes.

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The first day of the program is an introduction to the Longevity Blueprint. I chose this course because fitness is really important to me but I often get caught up in weight goals and the focus of this course is being the best you and living the longest… which is really why we work out to begin with. Something about this that I really like is that they break the course up into small, digestable pieces. The commitment as far as time goes is about 10 minutes each day (sans workout of course). This first week of the course walks you through the many different layers that this course encourages you to implement.

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Each day of the Quest you’ll also have a task that you need to complete. The first day you simply write down three values that are important to you and connect them to your longevity and beauty goals.


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The second day of our Quest we are taught how this program works in layers and you can add the things that work for you with different daily, weekly and periodic practices. This is a great way for people that are more sedentary to gradually incorporate better lifestyle choices without burning themselves out!

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For this day you’ll use the PDF workbook that comes with this course and you’ll fill out your Pre Quest Assessment. This will help you to track your understanding from the beginning of the program through the end.


On day three of the Quest we talk about Minimum Effective Dose Exercise – I personally love this concept. This breaks fitness into three areas – Strength to Muscle Mass Ratio, which is the explosive lifting of weights that give you optimum muscle to body mass. Super Slow Training which uses heavier weights and does common movements very slowly. This form of exercise helps with resistance and longevity and finally Isometric training is holding certain movements that can  lead to better blood pressure, increased growth hormone and strength (and decreased injury risk). On this day we figure out what equipment we will need or use (but no worries if you don’t have access there are substitutions given).

On day four we are presented with Muscular Endurance and Anaerobic Capacity. There are three areas included in this sort of working out. Tabata, Core Planks and Hypoxic Training (holding your breath while walking for short periods of time or underwater). I’m familiar with Tabata already – these workout consist of 20 second intervals of different HIIT exercises. The Core Plank routine is one that Ben Greenfield put together to get the best core strength possible. The breath holding walks teach your body to not have as much oxygen. The task for this day is setting up a suitable workout space for yourself and mapping out routes for the various walks you will do throughout this Quest.


On day five we talk about Cardiovascular Fitness, Mitochondrial Density and Stamina. For the cardiovascular portion we learn about VO2 Max, which is maximum oxygen utilization. For Mitochondrial Density – which is linked to longevity. We can achieve better Mitochondrial Density with short high impact workouts and long rest periods. Stamina is training your body to go long periods of time using your fat as fuel. Today’s task is mapping a route for your HIIT training and finding a local sport to join.


On day six we cover Metabolic Efficiency and the importance of Recovery. Here we talk about a Fasted Fat Burning Walk – which takes place in the morning before you eat. Hormosis which is intermittent hot and then cold showering other combos of heat with cold (ie going outside then getting in a sauna). We cover Ben’s Prehab and Mobility routine as well as Decompression Breathing and Weekly Foam Rolling. The task for this day is reviewing the first five days and making sure that you have all the equipment you’ll need once we get into the actual workouts.


Day 7 is Test Day but it also gives us a few methods to track our fitness (if we so desire). Ben points out quite a number of different scans and apps that you can use to track your muscle mass, body fat percentage, blood glucose and recovery. The test serves as a baseline to see overall improvement throughout the Quest. It includes just four exercises – push ups, planks, squats and burpees and we MUST record our recovery time (to measure against later tests).


On day eight we will actually begin completing things that we talked about in the first week of this course. We start with a Fasted Fat Burning Walk. You’ll do this in the morning starting with five minutes and then increasing five minutes each day until you walk 35 minutes. This fasted fat burning walk is great for longevity, mood and weight. Ben encourages us to use a reminder trigger like an alarm to keep ourselves on task.


Day 10 delves more into the Hormosis that we talked about above. Hot & Cold Therapy is used to enhance fat burning and metabolic efficiency. To do this we shower for 20 seconds in cold water and for 10 seconds in hot water done 10x equalling five minutes. Ben encourages us ( I love that he uses his own experience to guide us through this quest) to control our breath when we may want to sharply intake oxygen in the cold shower.


On day 10 we listed to a recording of Ben answering frequently asked questions.

There are 39 more days of this Quest but I’m going to sum this up by saying it’s a life changer. It’s not just the what to do, it’s the why you do it. It’s someone with years of professional experience detailing ways to live longer and more beautifully in simple easy steps! I can’t recommend this program enough to anyone looking to be their best self!


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If you have a general interest in your own body and how best to take care of it for the long haul while looking your best this program featuring bio hacker Ben Greenfield will work wonders in your life.

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