sunwink reviews

7 Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits to Enjoy this Holiday Season

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Are you trying to curb your drinking? With 2020 being the AWESOME year that it has been and now the holidays steadily on their way drinking can become a bit of a vice. Those evening cocktails are nice but no one wants to depend on them or feel their effects in the AM. I have been scouting non-alcoholic drinks out lately and have found my favorites that are low calorie and even lift your spirits and in some cases help you sleep. Check them out!

sunwink reviews


$2.50 ($48 x 12)

Sunwink is great because it has such an amazing variety. It also creates each of it’s tonics with no sugar additives and infuses them with botanics and herbal ingredients that are good for your body. Choose from Detox Ginger, Immunity Berry, Turmeric Cleanse, Lemon Rose Uplift, and Hibsicus Mint Unwind. Calories range from 25-50 calories per 12 ounce serving (one bottle).


More Non-Alcoholic Drinks


curious elixirs reviews

Curious Elixirs

$35 (4 bottles)

Curious Elixirs creates booze free craft cocktails made for EVERYONE! These lightly carbonated drinks are collaborations with the world’s best herbalists, bartenders and scientists. Choose between Curious Elixir Number One -a Pomegranate infused mocktail. This has 85 calories per six ounce serving so it is a bit higher than some other alternatives out there. Curious Elixirs Number Two is a combination of both pineapple and ginger and has only 44 calories per serving. Curious Elixir Number Three seems like it would be my favorite, it’s a blend of cucumber, florals, lemon and ashwaghanda. And finally Curious Elixir Number Four is a limited release and is Curious Elixirs take on Italian Apertifs. These are great for someone that wants pre-made drinks.


ghia reviews


$33 (per bottle)

Next is Ghia… this non-alcoholic apertif includes only all natural extracts, plants and herbals. The lemon balm in this drink is perfect for calming you down at the end of a long day. Each 1.5 ounce serving is just 20 calories making this the perfect mixer to add to your favorite cocktail. This is great for those that like making and mixing their own drinks – and the recipes on their website sound delicious!


lyres spirits reviews

Lyre’s Spirit Company

$35.99 (bottle)

Lyre’s is a spirit lovers alternative to drinking and at just about 5 calories a serving you’re going to love it. They also have a really incredible range of varieties. Choose from; Dry London Spirit (Gin Alternative), American Malt (Bourbon Alternative), Italian Orange (Campari Alternative), Apertif Rosso (Vermouth Alternative), Dark Cane Spirit (Rum Alternative), Coffee Originale (Coffee Liqueur Alternative), White Cane Spirit (White Rum Alternative), and Amaretti (Amaretto Liqueur Alternative).


the free spirits

The Free Spirits

$37 (bottle)

What The Free Spirits lacks in selection it makes up for in quality! These non-alcoholic liquor inspired drinks celebrate making the choice to be sober however long it is! Choose from The Spirit of Bourbon, The Spirit of Gin and the Spirit of Tequila. Also A+ for pretty packaging as well!


hop wtr reviews

Hop Wtr

$41.88 (per 12 pack)

Next up we have something for the beer drinkers out there! Hop Wtr is an alternative to beer that is 0 Calorie (Wow!), 0 Sugar, no gluten and no alcohol. Choose from Original Hop flavored, Blood Orange, Lemon Lime or Mango. These include nootropics as well as adaptogens to make you feel great without the hangover!


seedlip reviews


$32 (23.7 ounce bottle)

Seedlip was one of the first non-alcoholic spirits that I’ve ever heard about and so it will always have a special place in my heart. Seedlip creates three different kinds of distilled spirits – the Grove 42, a citrus and lemon flavored drink, Spice 94, an aromatic blend of cardamom and allspice berries, and Garden 108, a floral blend with notes of pea and hay (FAVE). These are great for those that want something to mix with tonic water for a beautiful evening nightcap.









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