spice breeze reviews

Spice Breeze Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2020

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spice breeze reviews

Spice Breeze is a monthly spice subscription box. Each month a new featured location is included along with a signature recipe and all spices to create that recipe. Choose from the three options Spice Breeze offers – Wanderlust where you select two meals each month (enough to feed 3-4 people) for $8.90. Family which is the same as the Wanderlust except it serves 6-8 people for $12.90. Or the Wanderlust Plus which allows you to select 3 meals each month that serve 3-4 people for $12.90. Use code BESTDEAL at checkout to save 10% off a 6 or 12 month subscription. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing


Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the Spice Breeze package.

subscription box reviews

Everything that came in my package from Spice Breeze. This looks and smells amazing!


So what is all this stuff? 

cooking subscription boxes

My box insert.

This tells us about this month’s featured locale – Tuscan Archipelago, Italy.


The first spice kit in our package for the month is a Californian culinary delight. Ahi Tuna is seared in this dish, it’s a quick one you can put together on a weeknight. If you are limited and cannot find fresh tuna you are able to sub out the fish for chicken as well.

There are two packets included in this spice kit. The first includes smoked paprika, paprika, black pepper, white pepper and oregano. The second includes Chipotle Chili


Our second kit in this month’s package is Mie Goreng, an Indonesian dish that is also common in Malaysia and Singapore. This noodle stir fry is customizable based on your preferences which makes it great for picky eaters (and big families!) Our spice packet for this dish includes galangal, turmeric, black pepper, nutmeg, chili, amchoor and tamarind.


The final spice kit for the month is Peruvian in origin and is called Anticuchos. This dish is literally translated to cuts from the Andes region and date back to pre Columbian Incas. Initially made with llama meat the dish has evolved over time and now include beef heart, chicken or steak and are served during holidays and outdoor gatherings.

The spice packet for this dish includes roasted garlic, Peruvian aji amarillo pepper, salt, cumin, black pepper and annatto. Based on ingredients I had on hand this is the dish that I decided to make for this month.


Okay so now what? 

First we get to cooking! Before we cook though we have to marinate (I used sirloin steak) our meat with a tablespoon on the spices and a tablespoon of oil. You’ll allow this to rest up to an hour in the fridge.

Then in a food processor we combine bell pepper, onion, herbs, water, remaining spices, vinegar, oil and salt and pepper to taste. We then combine.

You’ll end up with a sauce that looks like this.

Next we fry our corn. This is a new process to me and we start by adding garlic to the pan in oil and letting the aromatics get going. Then we fry the corn for about ten minutes.

While that’s going on I thread the beef onto the skewers.

I was concerned the corn wasn’t done because it sill seemed too white to me but I assure you it was tender!

Next I turn the heat up on the pan I fried the corn in and add the skewers. I cooked a couple very rare for my husband and the rest I let sit to get a nice char on them!

This smelled amazing and I couldn’t wait to try it!

And in end it was absolutely delicious and that sauce was a standout that I will absolutely create again!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything is packaged beautifully and arrived to me perfectly in my package from Spice Breeze

Quality: I love that the spices are organic and non-gmo making them an excellent quality

Curation: Considering I select all the recipes included in my box I’d say the curation is wonderful!


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Spice Breeze

This subscription is an excellent way to enjoy different flavors and techniques of cooking each month. And you can choose your own menu!

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