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Nadine West Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | March 2021

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nadine west reviews

Nadine West is a monthly styling service. This subscription sends you a personalized (based on an initial style survey you take upon subscribing) assortment of clothing items as well as accessories. Each package includes 4-6 items sizes S-3x. The best part about this subscription is that there is NO styling fee. You will pay a $9.78 shipping fee that is applied to anything that you keep. You’ll have the ability to tell Nadine West how you felt about the items that you received as well. NAT pays for this subscription.

Subscription Box Unboxing


Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Everything that came in my bag from Nadine West. There is a LOT of stuff in here.


This insert label lists the prices of each of the items in my bag. There’s also a return address label.


The first item in my bag are these faux suede pants (very similar to leggings). These have button embellishments at the top that are purely ornamental. These make noise when they rub against each other so I immediately knew I wouldn’t keep them.

I didn’t hate them on though!

They made me feel and look thin which is always a plus but that noise though, hard pass.


Then there is this large cardigan-esque top. Seeing this not on someone made it appear like a hairdresser apron.

But I actually liked this on, not enough to keep it though.


Then there is this lightweight black top with a gold embellishment. This isn’t my style AT ALL. I don’t like metal stuff on my tops – they feel gaudy and this one …

Was plastic to boot so … yeah no.

It looked ok but no.


Next in our box is this dress. This is super cute and kind of falls at the higher end of Nadine West pricing at $29.99

I also wasn’t sure if it looked too childish.

But then I put it on and I really liked it – so I kept it!


Next is this striped top. I thought this was cute when I first saw it but wasn’t sure if it would make me look large with those horizontal stripes.

This was super cute on and it was only $14.49 (and I had credits) so I kept it.


Additionally, there were $20 in Nadine credits for $5 as well as two pieces of jewelry that I will not be keeping. I have plenty.


The next item in my is this scarf that is pretty cool!

It has these little slits that let you see the stripes on the other side. <.<

This is cute on but I wasn’t keeping it.


The final item in my bag are these black leggings. These have fur inside and are really warm. Not great for spring…

These were cute on but I still didn’t keep them.


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to me perfectly in my box from Nadine West

Quality: The quality of the items is about their retail values. Not super high end but still cute.

Curation: I liked the items… I feel like a couple missed the mark but that’s ok.


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Good Month

This month’s package from Nadine West is fantastic! I kept two of the items that were included in my package. A couple items missed the mark but that’s ok.

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