clean paws fresh step review

Clean Paws from Chewy Review

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clean paws fresh step review

Chewy the online leader in pet supplies (and with subscription options) sent me over this Fresh Step Clean Paws litter for my kitties! This can be purchased on the Chewy site for $13.78. This is the Calm formula that contains rose and chamomile scents to soothe and calm your cat. NAT received this product at no cost for review purposes.


This 18.5 pound box of litter is formulated to clump and uses the fragrances of calming rose and chamomile to help sooth your cat. Chewy also has many other varieties of the Clean Paws litter and many other types of litter for cats.

I found that this litter does cover up the scent of the cat boxes without overpowering or giving off heavy perfume vibes (which can be a bit much in this writers opinion). I do like the way that this clumps and doesn’t kick up too much dust either which is really nice. This litter also uses Activated Charcoal to help eliminate the odor of the cat’s litter box which makes it a good option for a house with more than one cat like mine.

All in all, I’d say this is a great option for households that have multiple cats – and extra points if your cats struggle to get along. The calming scent allows them to chill out and do their business in peace!

Clean Paws from Chewy $13.78

Great Litter

This litter is great for houses with more than one cat and the scent is nice but not overpowering or too strong. The clumping properties are great as well.

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