boxyluxe june review

BoxyLuxe June 2021 Beauty Subscription Box Review

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boxyluxe june review

BoxyCharm is a monthly beauty subscription box. Each package in their base subscription includes five full sized items valued at $120. You do get to select one of the items in your box each month. This subscription is $25 with the option of upgrading to BoxyLuxe which is a once a season package that includes 8+ items of which you will select two. Boxes have a value of $250 for just $49.99. BoxyCharm also offers a Premium Box month that is $35 and includes 6-7 items one of which you will choose with a value of $175. NAT pays for this subscription.

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the BoxyLuxe for June. This is their “Dare to Dazzle” box.


beauty box reviews

Everything that came in my June Box from BoxyLuxe. This is an okay assortment.


So what is all this stuff? 

This is my box insert. This lists each of our items along with their retail values. This also gives us our box variation. Mine is C2106515-LX



The first item in my box is the Aromatherapy Associate Revive Body Gel. I already have this and haven’t used it so I’m not super stoked for this or anything. Like I don’t really use body lotions or gels so this is a pass for me.



Next up is the Elemis Superfood AHA Glow Cleansing Butter. This is one I’m a bit more excited to receive as I’ve used cleaning balms in the past but never butters! Elemis is such an amazing brand too!



My package for the month also included this Dr. Brandt Triple Antioxidant Face Cream. I like Dr. Brandt products so I am excited to have received as well as try this product. This is a really pricy one too!



Next up we have the iconic Nars Orgasm Blush. Kinda one of those items that everyone has as part of their holy grail. I have never tried it before now.

And while it’s pretty… I have dupes.



Then I received the Benefit Brow Styler Eyebrow Pencil & Powder Duo. I’ve never used this but I really enjoy trying different brow products so I like that I received this!



Avant is one of those beougie brands that I’m not sure if their products are worth their price tags. You know what I mean? This is their Hyaluronic Acid Replenishing Lip Serum. I can’t use hyaluronic acid on my face but I can try on my lips!



Second to last in my BoxyLuxe for June is this eye mask from the The Work. This allows you to use either steam or cool to depuff and destress your eyes. So… that’s different but for me this is a hard no. First of all I don’t use eye masks and secondly if it costs $50 I REALLY don’t use it. PASS

To be fair though, it was pretty!



The final item in my box is a $25 hand soap… this is from Smith French Dublin and is their Fresh Green Leaves Hand Wash. This is FRAGRANT… like watch out now… not sure how I feel about it entirely. So yeah… not sure.


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to me perfectly in my box from BoxyCharm

Quality: I feel like Boxy really does a great job of rounding up really great quality brands to be incorporated in their boxes each month

Curation: This box was not my favorite. AT ALL Like I liked some items but there were more than a couple that I just… don’t consider Boxy worthy? You know what I mean?

Box Economy: For the price of this box ($50) I received $410 in items which definitely makes this box worth the spend.


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Eh - Month

While this month’s BoxyLuxe was worth the value I highly doubt I will use a few of the items and I’m not blown away by the high costs of a few items as well puffing up the boxes overall value.

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