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Donginbi Red Ginseng Korean Skincare Set Review | Skincare Review

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donginbi reviews

Sometime skincare is as much about the aesthetics of the packaging as it is about what’s inside the bottles. Check out this set from Korean skincare brand Donginbi. This is their red ginseng skincare set that they sent over to me for review. This set comes with 6 different products; Red Ginseng Moisture & Balancing Softener and Emulsion, Red Ginseng Moisture & Balancing Softener & Emulsion as well as Moisture & Firming Essence & Cream. You can buy this on Amazon for $89.99.

Skincare Review

This set is great for all skin types and utilizes the powers of 6 year old Ginseng. This soothes the skin and gives the skin the perfect water to oil balance – which is particularly exciting for people like me that have extremely dry skin and suffer to have a perfect balance.

This does come in it’s own beautiful box and it’s just wonderful to open. The packaging is clean and high quality. Everything about this brand makes you feel like a million dollars – seriously.

So – to try to tell you a bit more about the products- the tallest bottles come with a pump. The others you have to tap out (which is fine by me). This does have a natural ginseng smell – which is not bad but hard to describe. Think Earthy but clean. I think this set would make an excellent gift for someone in your life who likes higher end items. I also love that the products are cruelty free and are not tested on animals (so if that’s a thing you also care about have no fear). And lastly – I have fallen in LOVE with the softeners. I’ve been using these products over the past few weeks and like them all but there is something about the softener that leaves my skin feeling so “soft”. This is a new concept for me in skincare but I am absolutely loving it to be honest!


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Donginbi Skincare $89.99

Beautiful Set

Not only is this set fantastic for it’s aesthetic properties but I really love the quality of the ingredients that the products use as well!

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