nadine west reviews

Nadine West Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | September 2021

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nadine west reviews

Nadine West is a monthly styling service. This subscription sends you a personalized (based on an initial style survey you take upon subscribing) assortment of clothing items as well as accessories. Each package includes 4-6 items sizes S-3x. The best part about this subscription is that there is NO styling fee. You will pay a $9.78 shipping fee that is applied to anything that you keep. You’ll have the ability to tell Nadine West how you felt about the items that you received as well. NAT pays for this subscription.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

My box insert. This lists each of the items in my bag.



There were three dresses in this box that were the same. The first is this coffee colored one, for some reason I felt like this fit me weird. It did have pockets though. I didn’t keep it.



The next item in my package is this top. This reminds me of a flying squirrel. Even at this price point it’s a no.



I’m not a fan of the style of this shirt or the price tag. It did look nice on though but it’s still not something I could see in my closet.



There’s a reason these pants were just $11.99.. they’re ugly!



Next up are these orange pants. You guys know that orange is my favorite color!

I kept these because they are both pretty and comfy!



These were cute and fit nice but a bit too snug for my taste. I passed.


There were three pieces of jewelry included in my box. I didn’t keep any of it.



I really liked these pants – they were both soft and comfortable. But I just really don’t need any more pants like this in my collection.



$30 for a pair of leggings is a bit too pricey for me and I really didn’t like the way these looked on so I had to pass.



Snakeskin and animal prints are a Hard No from me. This was actually not that ugly on though and very soft. Just not my style.



This is one of the dresses that came. I really liked this on and the color combo was fun and felt a bit retro. However, that price point is just a bit too high for my taste!

It was so cute though!



The final item sin my box is this navy dress. It’s just like the other two but … at that price I didn’t get the other one which I liked more. Bonus points though that this has pockets!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to me perfectly in my box from Nadine West for the month.

Quality: I feel like the quality of the clothes that is included in this package fits most of the prices (and does well in comparison to other styling services)

Curation: This is the best month that I’ve had in a while. I was really close to cancelling but I’m going to stick around a bit longer and see how it goes!


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Great Month

I really liked this month’s assortment from Nadine West. I kept one thing and was tempted to keep two others as well!

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