310 nutrition shake reviews

310 Nutrition Range Review

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310 nutrition shake reviews

310 Nutrition offers nutrition products and different supplements. They sent me over a bunch of products from their range to try and review for you guys. I’ve been testing these out for a bit and want to give you guys the skinny (see what I did there) on each of them! These products were sent to NAT free for review.


Product Reviews

The first three products in my package are these Shaker Cups. You can buy the shaker cups in the online shop for $9.99. This was the first cup that I had seen like this and it did a really great job of mixing all the ingredients up.

This little piece sits inside the cup and breaks up the powder as you shake. This worked really well!


310 nutrition collagen peptides review

The next product in my package from 310 Nutrition is this bag of Collagen Peptides. If you haven’t gotten on that collagen train yet… sister it’s time. Collagen is great for bone and joint support but also does a great job on your hair, skin and nails. The collagen stores in your body also deplete as you age, so imbibing in a supplement can help to infuse your body with more. Each serving contains 11 grams of protein, is tasteless and contains both collagens 1 & 3.

Each serving (which you can take two times a day) contains just 43 calories too which is nice! I add this to water or with the shakes and drink it before my lunch and after my first daily workout. This is a must product for me!


The next product in my package from 310 Nutrition is this Cookies ‘n Cream Meal Replacement Shake. That is something that I love about this brand. There is no lack of fun flavors to try – they even have a pumpkin spice flavor guys! Each package contains 14 servings and is $39 or you can opt for a larger bag and get 28 servings for $68. These shakes are vegan, keto friendly, gluten free as well as organic and each serving includes 15 grams of plant based protein with only 110 calories per serving. Not only can you make this into a shake or smoothie but you can also use it to create a smoothie bowl, or add it to any dessert you’d like.

310 Nutrition uses a blend of three plant based proteins – pea, pumpkin and brown rice protein. There’s also superfoods infused into this shake; including beets, broccolli, ginger, spinach and turmeric.

I so enjoy these. Word of warning though, these do include Stevia – so if you are sensitive to sugar alternatives that’s something to consider.

Another thing that I like about 310 Nutrition is the ability to buy shake bundles that are single packets of shake powder in a box with a variety of flavors. These are also available in the 310 Nutrition shop. I was sent a few packets of the different flavors to try. Shown above is the Chocolate flavor, the Salted Caramel flavor, the Vanilla flavor and the Toasted Coconut flavor.

I tried the Salted Caramel and it was super good!

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this flavor since I’m not into overly sweet products but it was pretty good!


Another product that was included in my package from 310 Nutrition is this Vitamin C Powder. Each container is $29.99 and each serving includes 1000 mg of Vitamin C and Zinc electrolytes. The website says that you can mix this product with a shake but I’d suggest just mixing this with water as it does have a zesty orange flavor already. Something that I appreciate about this product is that on top of the Vitamin C and Zinc this product also includes tons of vitamin B and the 7 essential minerals.


I also received a bottle of the 310 Beauty Melt. I love taking Biotin and do believe that you see results in your hair, skin and nails when you take it regularly. Each bottle is $29.99. I like that this product goes beyond just Biotin with 13 key nutrients to support hair, skin and nail health. This blend of skin food includes Vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, Biotin, Folate, and Pantothenic Acid.

These taste like orange and really do melt in your mouth! I liked them a lot


Another product that was included in my box are these Hydrates. 310 Nutrition offers Lemon Lime, Strawberry, Peach Mango, Wildberry and Mango. Each of these packets includes a single serving of advanced hydration. These products are caffeine free, sugar AND artificial sugar free and are full of electrolytes and vitamins! Each packet can be added to 12 – 16 ounces of water and all you have to do to enjoy them is to just add water.


The final item that was in my box from 310 Nutrition is this Peanut Butter Powder. This is all natural with no additives and costs $5.99 in the 310 Nutrition Shop. This makes a great add in to the shakes with a little extra punch of healthy ingredients. This tastes really good and can really help if you find that shakes don’t keep you feeling full. Each 2 tablespoon serving is just 50 calories and includes 6 grams of proteins with NO sugar! This tastes amazing and something that I’ve been enjoying doing lately is rolling my favorite chocolate covered almonds in them – makes chocolate peanut butter almonds!


So in summary

I love the quality of the 310 Nutrition Line. Each of the products that I tried was really amazing and I found that they all had benefits depending on what your fitness / health goals are. My favorite products were the Collagen Peptides and the Beauty Melts though!


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Great Products

The products that I received from 310 Nutrition were really high quality and made with the health of the consumer in mind. I enjoyed each of the products that I received.

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