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Tokyo Treat Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | November 2021

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tokyo treat reviews

Tokyo Treat is a monthly subscription box that sends you the best that Japanese snacks have to offer. Each package includes 17 Japan Exclusive snacks for just $35 monthly (longer subscription terms will snag you lower subscription prices too)! Boxes include a Japanese drink, a rare KitKat party pack (12 pieces) and a snack guide. Shipping rates vary. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the November Tokyo Treat Box!

snack subscription boxes

Everything that came in my November, “Fruit Fall” themed box.


So what is all this stuff? 

My box insert. Inside you’ll find information about each of the treats that was included in the box for the month.


The first item in my box is the KitKat for the month, Mont Blanc KitKats which are chestnut flavored! These wafer candies also include a 0.01% rum cream center. There were 12 pieces included in this bag and we demolished all of them. They were super tasty and the package was so cute!


Next up in my package is this DIY Candy Kit. This is a strawberry ice cream kit and all you have to do is mix water with the powder and then scoop it into the mini cones that it comes with and voila! Ice Cream! My kids were delighted to have received this!


Then there was the DonDon Yaki. These mini crackers pack a crunch! These had a salty flavor and a super cute package to boot!


The Texas Corn Okonomiyaki is flavored after a classic Japanese dish – these puffs were salty and full of flavor. I personally really liked these!


The drink for the month is the limited edition Fanta Peach. This fizzy and fruity soda was suprisingly not overwhelming which is how anything peach flavored usually is. I didn’t hate it and the kids really liked it!


Karamucho Kumamoto Chili Tomato chips were also included in my box. I wasn’t sure what to think of how these were describe, “fruity, sweet and spicy”. But I will say that I ended up really enjoying these and the kids did too. In fact I packed them in their lunches for school.


These Yakisoba Shop Taro crisps were another nice little addition in the box. These were thin and noodle like, but very crunchy. These had a soy sauce / salty flavor. These are perfect to enjoy with a hot drink.


Another sweet treat that my box included is the Umaibo Choco. This is essentially an umaibo covered in chocolate. Not awful but definitely one that is more suited for my kids.


Sparrow Egg Crackers sound cool and they taste great too. These little egg shaped crackers are crunchy and combine soy sauce with peanut flavor to create something that is both sweet and salty. These are fried in flour, which is where their crunch comes from.


The other umaibo that was included in this month’s box was also sweet. This one was Cinnamon Apple Pie flavored and honestly tasted a lot like those little crispy things they used to sell at Taco Bell! I think for me I prefer the savory umaibo but this was a nice change of pace. I do love trying all the different flavors of umaibo that are available.


YUMMY! Koala’s March Butter & White Chocolate Flavor. I will not lie, I ate all of these in one sitting and the crazy thing is I’m not even that keen on white chocolate. These just tasted that good! I have never seen this flavor in any store and I was really excited to try these out because I have always loved Koala’s March!


These Onion Taro are corn puffs flavored with onion soup. My oldest loved these and ate them all! This was a small bag – I would love to buy more of these to have in the pantry at all times.


One of my favorite items that was included in this box is this fall exclusive pocky! These pretzel crackers have a heart shaped based and are pink. Additionally they are coated in sour blueberry chocolate. The color was to thank essential workers and I’m not mad at it. These were super yummy!


What snack box would be complete without a cookie! Here we have the Constellation Chocolate Cookie. This was good and kinda reminded me of those digestive biscuits they have in the UK! A tasty biscuit coated in chocolate, what could go wrong! I really like the package of this one as well!


I love sour belts and now I know that I love their Japanese courterparts. This is sour paper candy in grape and it is very similar to sour belts. The grape flavor was super bright too. I liked this a lot!


Second to last in my box for the month is this German Potato Porkickey. These pretzel sticks had a mild, german potato flavor. These would be great to enjoy with a cup of tea!


The final item in my box for the month is Crunky X Demon Slayer Collab Choco. There were two variations you could have received in your box, milk chocolate or cookies and cream. We received the cookies and cream bar and it was liked by the whole house!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to me perfectly in my box from Tokyo Treat.

Quality: I love that the items in this box are Japanese exclusive items and are hard to come by here in United States. It makes the box feel so special and like you are getting a real taste of the snacks that Japan has to offer.

Curation: The assortment that I received really did live up to the Fruity Fall name. I also really appreciated that there was a really good mix of different types of items. There was a whole bag of KitKats, a drink, sweet snacks, savory snacks and each one had so many different textures and flavors. There really is something for the whole family in the Tokyo Treat Box!


Subscribe to Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat $35

Great Box

This month’s box from Tokyo Treat included a wonderful assortment of both sweet and savory snacks and really lived up to it’s Fruity Fall theme!

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