mel science chemistry reviews

MEL Science Chemistry Subscription Box Review + 50% OFF | December 2021

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mel science chemistry reviews

MEL Science is fun subscription box for kids that incorporates fun interactive projects. Choose from their courses of STEM for ages 5-9, Chemistry 10-16 (what I’m reviewing today) physics 8-14 and now MEL Med which is available for preorder for ages 14+. Prices for subscriptions vary but start at $25.90 and through 12.31 use code ASHELI50 and get 50% off your first box! NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing


Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the package from MEL Science.

subscription box unboxing

The coolest part about the subscription to MEL Chemistry is the Starter Kit you get with your first box. This has a $50 value and is absolutely free. It’s it’s own box and it has lots of cool stuff to complete the experiments that you will receive.

Right on the top you have a reference manual.

Then there’s a plastic tray.

There’s also two pairs of safety goggles.

A beaker with a funnel.

There are also these plugs that help you with experiments that involve density. They have different amounts of holes in them.

A clamp.

A small funnel

A mini stove.

A wooden coaster.

This thing…

A measuring cup along with a lot of small plastic cups.

There’s also a stand to hold your phone for the online lessons that MEL offers.


Then there’s our actual chemistry kit for this month that is all about Tin!

Inside there’s lots of chemistr-y stuff.

There are two experiments included in our box. The first is this Tin hedgehog project


The second experiment is this Tin Dendrite one.


There are three packets that include a bottle of NaHSO4 in each and a bottle of SnCl2 in each. These will be used in both of our experiments.


For the tin Dendrite project we will also use this liquid soap and for the Tin hedgehog we will use the Zinc.


We also received a pair of rubber gloves.


As well as a battery case. This will be used in our Tin Dendrite project.


Rubber stoppers were also included so we can shake up our bottles of chemicals.


The red caps are to indicate we’ve made a mixture with the bottles.


We also received a set of electrodes that will be used in our Tin Dendrite project as well.


The box also included two petri dishes.


Another cool item that comes in our first package from MEL Science are these VR goggles that you can use with your phone to complete the online lessons that are included with this subscription.

My kids were really excited about this!


Okay so now what? 

Now we get all scientifical.

Alright first things first is safety kids!

We start off with the Tin Hedgehog project.

To do this we pour a bottle of the NaHSO4 into the SnCl2.

We also add the rubber stopper and red cap and shake it up.

Then we fill one vial halfway with the solution.

Now we will add one of the Zinc tabs.

We put this off to the side for twenty minutes.

After twenty minutes we are left with this “Tin Hedgehog”. This is pretty cool! I like also that MEL explains the science behind the phenomenon as well. For instance this reaction is due to the Zinc’s crystal structure and the way it prefers to be when paired with other elements and particles.


Next up we start our Tin Dendrite project. To do this we combine a bottle of the NaHSO4 into a bottle of the SnCl2.

Add our rubber stopper, red cap and shake as we did in the last experiment.

Then we’ll add our solution to the bottom of a petri dish as well as two drops of liquid soap. We will then clamp our electrodes on the sides of the petri dish so that the tip of one side on each is in the solution.

We will then attach the electrodes to the battery pack and add batteries.


It starts out ever so slow!

But gradually…

It gets larger…

And larger.

This was truly cool and we had such a fun time completing this!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to us perfectly in my box from MEL Science.

Quality: I feel like not only the quality of the products that they send but also the thought behind and the quality of the projects is really fantastic with this one. I love how well thought out and in depth they are!

Curation: This box about Tin was fun and even I learned something so that’s a win in my book!


Subscribe to MEL Science

MEL Science $25.90+

Such fun experiments

The two experiments that we received in our box from MEL Chemistry focused on Tin and were lots of fun to complete.

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