uproot cleaner reviews

Uproot Cleaner Pro Reviews + Unboxing

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uproot cleaner reviews

Chances are if you’ve been on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook in the past few months you’ve seen ads for something called the Uproot CleanerUproot Cleaner. This small, handheld brush type contraption is created to pick up fur and lint out of your carpets. I saw the ad once and thought it looked interesting and then after the fourty eighth time I decided to buy one. I got mine on Amazon for $19.99.

Uproot Cleaner Video Review

Uproot Cleaner Review

uproot cleaner reviews

So this came in a cute little zip top bag and wrapped in bubble wrap.


This is made of a sort of wrapped wire. It’s very interesting.





So my honest review… this product is pretty neat. It’s portable and easy to move around (much easier than a vaccuum cleaner). It does also do a great job of lifting hair from the carpet. I do want to be clear though, that this does not provide as dramatic results as you see in the videos. Those videos are created with carpets that definitely haven’t been vaccumed in while. You will get some hair and lint but not nearly as much on areas that you vaccuum quite frequently. All in all I’d say that this is a great product and it comes in handy. I like that it’s easier than getting out the vaccum to take care of a small space and for the $20 it costs it doesn’t break the bank either.


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Uproot Cleaner Pro $19.99

Nice Product

This isn’t quite as great as those videos you see on TikTok but it does work and it comes in handy as well.

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