bootaybag reviews

4 Months of Bootaybag Panty Subscription – What to Expect

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bootaybag reviews

Bootaybag is a monthly underwear subscription box. When you sign up for Bootaybag you’ll select your size (ranges from XS to XL) and then you’ll select your preferred style, either cheekies only, thongs only or a mixture of both. From there you’ll get two pairs of undies each month for just $15. You’ll also be able to add on one time purchases like bralettes before checking out. Shipping is FREE. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

Every package from Bootaybag comes like this – a sealed little pouch, for freshness OBVS.


The first pair of undies that I received were these emerald green cheekies. These are trimmed in an elegant lace too! Very cute!


You guys know that orange is my favorite color so I was super stoked to receive these sheer orange thongs. These are simple and cute! Best part? No lines!


The third month from Bootaybag was this simple pair of black underwear with a star pattern on them. These are perfect days where comfort is your goal – which is most days for me admittedly.


The fourth and final pair of underwear that I received from Bootaybag is this pair of purple thongs. I have to say that I am very fond of this lavender color and I like that they spread out the thongs to every other month. Makes the mix so very well rounded!


So in summary

Presentation: I love the way that these comes packaged! So cute and unique

Quality: I feel like the quality of the panties that I receive in these packages is perfect for the price!

Curation: They really do keep it fresh with the styles, designs and cuts and I love that!


Subscribe to Bootaybag

Bootaybag $18+

Great subscription

I love that this subscription sends you basics that you may not have time to get on your own right to your door each month!

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