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We’re a little crew of subscription box and skincare enthusiasts who share our OU’s and BOOS… with yous!

I’m Asheli the creator of Not a Tree Reviews. I’m a lover of all sorts of music… seriously anything from The Toadies to Psychic TV to Nas (stay chiseled little homies) and an avid reader – D.H. Lawrence “Sons and Daughters” is kind of crushing my soul currently. I originally started this blog to air my Mom life laundry (if you dig deep enough you’ll find some real goodies) but after four kids and 8 years of MOMLIFE I decided in 2015 this blog would be a place for ME to create and our subscription box reviews were born! Since then we’ve added friends (reviewers) to the mix and grown but we’ll always be a sort of quirky place where you can feel free to be your quirky self. Whatever you take from our little plot in (is that right? is it in or on?) the interwebs please remember that everything here comes from a place of love and positivity. When you can’t see the light… my friends, be the light.
-xoxox Asheli to reach me directly [email protected]
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