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We are making this page because we’ve received such an overwhelming amount of questions like; “How did you start” “How do you get all those boxes” etc. So we’ve decided to make it a lot easier on ourselves and make this page to share with people who ask that question 

First things first, don’t spend money yet. If you already subscribe to boxes that is great – use those to build up your content but don’t go spending tons of cash on boxes that you otherwise wouldn’t have bought. There are quite a few FREE or inexpensive resources


This site is entirely FREE. Just sign up and connect all your social media accounts. You’ll receive “snaps” which can qualify you into Vox Boxes which are free boxes with product that you’ll receive and review! 
Another FREE site that sends you products based on your household needs and lifestyle. We don’t use this one so much anymore but this makes a great kickoff point!
A lot like BzzAgent this site also sends you FREE products in exchange for your review
Free Boxes each month in exchange for your review. You may wait a while for one but they are OH SO WORTH IT!
Once a month “Sample Tuesday” as they call it, Pinch Me opens up it’s doors and lets you add sample to your cart based on your lifestyle and family. Sometimes you get great stuff – sometimes nothing. Doesn’t hurt to try! While Pinch Me is FREE they also have a paid subscription as well
Quarterly box of samples FREE in exchange for review
Not FREE but very inexpensive and our best guess as a great way to start reviewing subscriptions. 

OK But what about the rest?

We emailed everyone. And we got 1 million no’s but eventually we got yeses. One yes will lead to two and then they just keep adding up. But like all hobbies and things in life – it requires time, patience and effort. We aren’t saying this is a “hard” job because it’s fun and rewarding but it does require work and maintenance to keep up with and you won’t immediately rocket off to google fame. It will take trial and error but just keep at it and you will get there! 

Affiliate Programs that we Use

Affiliate programs are also great ways to find content and also make some money. You can sign up for affiliate programs and then sign up for individual retailers that you can run banner ads for or even text posts with sales and things of that nature. Each time someone purchases something from that link you’ll get a small portion of the earnings. Granted you won’t make millions but it can earn you some revenue especially later in time. 


And of course we can’t leave out Ebates! While ebates doesn’t have items for you to review – if you are shopping online it just makes sense (and cents)! Because ebates gives you cash back on all your online purchases! 


Want to try our favorite products? We have a favorites page on Amazon where we add things we love regularly!


Interested in learning where we got our social sharing bar and all our other cute tools?! Sumo Me!

Sumo Me


If you have any other questions please feel free to drop us a line over at the contact us page – we always love to hear from you guys and try our best to get back to everyone!