Miscellaneous Subscription Boxes

Unboxing the Bizarre $39.95 monthly
Fun subscription box that celebrates lesser known and WEIRD holidays! Different options as far as price Review Here

Neurobox $45 monthly
Neurobox is a monthly subscription that sends 5-7 items that help you to keep your mind active and keep your focus sharp Review Here

Tekcrates starts at $23.99 monthly
Tekcrates sends you the latest in gear and gadgets to enhance your technology. Three different options for PC, geeky gear and a standard box. Review Here

Finder’s Seekers Box $30 monthly
Monthly puzzle that takes you on a scavenger hunt throughout a different city of the world. Review Here

Safe Detectors varies
Batteries sent regularly for your smoke detectors. You select what type as well as how frequently you’d like yours delivered! Review Here

Oscar + Jemima’s plans start at $15
This meal plan subscription is delivered to your email inbox weekly with fresh new recipes that are tasty and wholesome Review Here

My Fairy Crate $27.99 monthly
Monthly box of items that allow you to create your own fairy garden. Review Here

Precious Moments Collectors Club $59.99 yearly
Enjoy exclusive access to figures and receive the Precious Moments Magazine. Review Here

Dial N Style $30 monthly
Monthly cell phone accessories and gadgets based on the brand and model that you currently own. Review Here

Stress Less Box $39.99 monthly
Monthly box of items intended to help you slow down, unwind and to decompress. Relax and be a sloth. Review Here

Crated With Love $19.99 monthly
Crated with Love is a monthly dating subscription that gives you different activities to strenthen the bond between you and your partner Review Here

MiNN Box $35 monthly
Monthly box of handmade sustainable items. Each business pledges to make one change with their contribution to the box. Review Here

Fruit for Thought Subscription Box $39.99 monthly
Fruit themed subscription box featuring different small business products. Each month features a new fruit or vegetable. Review Here

Squintbox $29.95 monthly
Monthly dose of miniatures and dollhouse furniture Review Here

Royal Treasure Chest $40 monthly
Monthly box full of antique goodies. You choose upon subscribing the niche that you’d like your vintage items to come from and you’ll receive 3 handpicked items Review Here

Battlbox starting at $24.99
Battlbox is a monthly subscription service that sends you 2-4 tactical / survival items to your door

TinselBox $19.99 monthly
This monthly subscription serves to honor the season with festive decorations and home decor. Review Here

Pashpak $54 monthly
Adult subscription box that sends either an single individual or a couple subscription box that is sure to spice up the night

Flicker & Flame $25 monthly
Sends a personalized candle to your door each month Review Here

Buddy Box $21.50 monthly
Offered through The Blurt Foundation, this “Hug in a Box” is full of positive thoughts and good vibes. Review Here

Retro Pop Box $20 monthly
Box of Nostalgia from the ’60’s 70’s or 80’s you choose! Review Here

Horror Pack $19.99 monthly
Skip the lines and opt for Horror Pack to pad your DVD collection with a hand selected assortment of four DVD’s each month. Review Here

Squix Subscription Box $21.98 monthly
A monthly germ fighting subscription box and as far as we know the only of it’s kind!
Review Here

The Teachers Crate $32.68 monthly
This subscription box sends items that can be helpful in a teaching setting or a homeschooling setting as well. Review Here

Energy Supply Company $19.99 monthly
A box of rare and hard to find energy drinks and other assorted merchandise shipped to you each month. Review Here

Flex Comics Boom Box $19.00 monthly
Choose your style and size and receive a cool “Bro Tank” with one of the synonymous and hilarious Flex Comics Characters. Review Here

Bon Recipe starting at $3.99 monthly
This recipe subscription box sends you the ingredients list and directions to pull off three homemade gourmet meals. All you have to do is supply the ingredients Review Here

The Hive Box $24.95 monthly
Monthly subscription box featuring different bee made, handcrafted products. Support the bees! Review Here

L’amour Secret $54.99 monthly
NSFW Monthly box of intimate items for partners. Detailed questionnaire makes sure they send you exactly what you want each month. Review Here